Warning: More Hateblogs Against Bro. Eli Soriano

Just like other blogs from the Iglesia ni Cristo, the group that is most resentful of the corrections of the preacher, here are more videos that repeat those already from the Ka Webspy Network and speak against Bro. Eliseo Soriano

Ka Webspy is Sustines E. Laplana from the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Here’s the catch:

The intro video pretends to be a joke in order to qualify for the comedy site. Hence, it was able to be posted in smashits.com where one would expect comedies. It is actually a trap.

Titled, “Stop videotaping Geoff,” the author is Geoffisteh1337 . A nonsensical video, it shows a guy simply walking and saying stop. And then follows the poison.

The poison? Nine videos against the preacher.  No comedy but twisting of what the preacher said and did.

As publicly known, Bro. Soriano is fair game to the Iglesia ni Cristo. They enjoy tearing him apart. On TV, they use Net25 where they imitate the preacher’s program but use it against him. It is parallel to the style of their bloggers using Soriano’s name against Soriano.

First, and foremost, they blame him for the fast deteriorating of their numbers. The preacher would be playing the tapes from Eraño Manalo, the Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo, that are so full of errors if the bible is the basis. Here they are, in addition to those already posted. Note the hatred and envy carried in the terms used.

1)      KOMIKS: Eli Soriano SCANDAL – Komiks

2)      ELI SORIANO: Kapantasan ni Eli Soriano

3)      Eli Soriano PANTAS sa EARTHLY KNOWLEDGE?

4)      Hebrew Aphabet ni Josel Mallari at Eli Soriano

5)      ELI SORIANO: Ang Dios ni Eli Soriano

6)      MTV ni Eli Soriano – MTV

7)      Eliseo Eli Soriano VS. Luz Cruz – Pagtatatak

8)      Sino NANGOPYA, Eli Soriano o SAKSI ni JEHOVA?

9)      ELI SORIANO – P500,000 PANLAGAY ni Eliseo Soriano

Actually, these have appeared in earlier sites but their game is replication in as many sites as possible – as if that would convince people to their side.

The persistent multiplication of these blogs may indicate that their attempt to embarrass Bro.  Soriano using the Interpol has failed.

The preacher’s bio appears in the Interpol Wanted Persons’ section for alleged “sex crimes” based on a rape charge. The complainant and supposed victim of the preacher is Daniel Veridiano whom Soriano had excommunicated upon recommendation of an investigating panel in the Members Church of God International (MCGI) where the preacher is Presiding Minister.

Veridiano was found guilty of raping some 14 of his subordinates and using church money for personal purposes. The confession letter at the left written in Tagalog can be visibly read here:



14 thoughts on “Warning: More Hateblogs Against Bro. Eli Soriano

  1. Of all the preachers today, there is no one being maligned as such; no one but Bro. Eli.

    I know the people behind those hateblogs are the ever insecure iglesia ni manalo. They want to put Bro. Eli down.

    I don’t need any others’ proofs.

    “They can’t feel his love. They don’t hear his preaching. They don’t know what is like to be cared by him…”

    • “They can’t feel his love. They don’t hear his preaching. They don’t know what is like to be cared by him…”

      You said it.

      The only side of Bro. Eli that they know is his doing a jeremiad – the side where he attacks their evil ways.

      Since they want to keep their evil ways, they do not hear the side that preaches love, the side that tells of the mysteries in the Bible, the good things God promises, and the truth about the Jesus Christ that they deny.

  2. Hate blogs on the brighter side, do promote Mr. Soriano to the world. People will notice him and will consider his works. Some members of AngDatingDaan before got acquainted with Bro. Eli through hatred – his harsh words in radios and television.

    I hated him before, but after following him through I learned to love him. So hate blogs are .. yeah, God’s way of introducing him into the lives of the people.

    Peace haters???

  3. Well, my introduction to this Preacher is kind of “what kind of religion is this that it cannot afford to install air conditioning unit in his studio”. (please read my blog with the same title.)

    Much has been said about Brother Eliseo Soriano. Mine still stay the same after ten years.

    John 9:25 (King James Version)

    25He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.

  4. well I’m from Costa Rica and have read a little about these churches and I think Soriano started this war and attacks and offends not only the doctrines of these church but also to the members of theses church. i saw a biblical expocicion the church or christ and paralyzed the capital of the Philippines and other cities seem to church of Mr. manalo triumphs and Mr. soriano flees of his country, well I think eliseo soriano must give the face before the authorities and god help him , in this war who win also lose

    • Ivan Lopez,

      You are from costa Rica? And you read only a little about “these churches?” So you are not in a position to judge with your little knowledge.

      How can you afford to play umpire when you do not have a well-founded basis? Where did you get your allegation that Mr. Soriano fled his country? What kind of triumph do you accord Mr. Manalo? His people making many hateblogs against Soriano?

      You can try again. And this time, think properly. Contribute more cerebrums, please.

    • Ivan,

      Thanks on speaking to us in the English language even though your local language is Spanish. Please make your readings thorough. Remember knowledge is power. Right now you don’t have both. Perdón!

  5. I, too, experienced being told destructive rumors about brother eli soriano. Instead of judging him right then and there, i researched. I found out that he isn’t, and with no intention at all, offending anyone, or any religion for that matter. He is simply stating the truth, and unfortunately, most churches are working in contradiction to what is stated in the bible. What brother eli did was not to start a war, but to help save souls from money and fame-hungry pastors who made up their own doctrines. To Mr. Ivan Lopez., this is what i recommend for you to do.. research and read with an open heart and mind. Let us not be quick to judge, basing all our opinions from very little information. You might be just as surprised as I am when I found the truth about Mr.Manalo and his so-called church. It pays to read more, my friend.

  6. brother eli soriano, i never heard of his preaching until last year and thank God, now i am learning the truth of the bible because of him. To God be the Glory! and thank you God for brother eli and brother daniel for their honesty and dedication in preaching your words.

  7. to Ivan,

    a little knowledge but with big mouth is not good..it just like judging the book by its cover. INC paralyzed areas every time they have event – better read headlines and listen to news, complaints of people were flooded!

  8. Kasi hilig ng INC or Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo manggaya, mapagkunwari, mapanglamang sa kapwa mapangapi, sa totoo kasi sa kanila ang panginoong Hesu Kristo ay tao lang. Ginagaya ang totoo pero yun din ang kanilang sinisraan. Sinisiraan nga nila ang Dios sa pamamagitan ng kanilang gawa. Ang tao pa kaya na naglilingkod sa Dios na tunay na si bro eli soriano na tagapagsalita ng katutuhanan.

  9. katoliko ako sa papel,tanong ko dati bakit kelangang ibaptize ang bata,kung sa batas ang susundin eh we have a right to choose our religion.. make sense di ba? bakit dadasalan ang patay? makakatulong ba toh para makaakyat sa langit ang kaluluwa?.. nung hindi nila masagot ang tanong ko before,naging non-believer pa tuloy ako.. Sa awa’t tulong ng Dios na-encounter ko ang Ang dating daan.. Nalaman ko na hindi sapat ang nananampalataya ka lang,dapat sumasampalataya ka at the same time sinusunod mo ang mga utos ng Dios.. Sinabi ba ng Dios na gumawa ka ng mga mansion dahil dun siya mamamalagi?, Sinabi ba niya na Jehovah ang pangalan niya? Sinabi ba niya na siya ay tao lang at hindi Dios? Si Eliseo Soriano lang ang nakasagot sa mga tanong ko na yan.. ang tunay na nagsusuri ay sa aral tumitingin,. Maging wise kayo pag kaluluwa niyo na ang paguusapan.. hindi naman niya sinisiraan ibang grupo,sinasabi lang niya ang totoo,. totoo namang nagpapabayad ang katoliko,may bayad ang binyag,kasal,kumpil,kahit nga patay na ang tao may bayad pa din.. hindi ba totoo yun? katoliko ako dati,kaya alam ko na totoo yun.. Hindi ba gumagawa ng mga mansion ang INC? na sa tuwing may mission sila eh abala sila sa daan? dulot nila ay trapik at perwisyo?.. totoo naman yun di ba? na pag hindi daw umanib sa INC is sa dagat-dagatang apoy na mapupunta,pano yung mga unang tao na hindi na inabot ang INC? sa impiyerno na ba? make sense di ba?

  10. Kung gusto niyo masira ang imahe ni Bro eli soriano,yung binabasa niya ang labanan niyo sa pamamagitan ng aral niyo,, hindi yung puro paninira na lang.. pag lumaban na ang mga lider niyo sa debate lalo na sina MANALO,at matalo niyo si brod.eli sa pormal na diskusiyon, magpapabautismo ako sa inyo..

  11. nakasulat narin naman sa bibliya na uusugin talga ang taong nagsasabi na ayon sa Dios,hindi na ako magtataka kung bakit inuusig si brod eli.. TALUNIN NINYO ANG BINABASA NIYA,YUNG KATUWIRAN NA BINABASA NIYA.. PAG NAGAWA NIYO YUN,, SASAMA AKO SA INYO!!.. salamat sa Dios..

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