Eli Soriano Not Fugitive from Justice: Two Courts Deny Motions

By Jane Abao

Manila, Philippines (10/22/2014) – Two courts refused to declare an international evangelist a “fugitive from justice” as sought by his enemies, particularly those he had been criticizing for their false beliefs and practices. This means the preacher is still far advanced over his enemies trying hard to see him dead.

BRO. ELI SORIANO. Keeping quiet when he sees something wrong is not his cup of tea. Photo by Sweetwasabe.

As court records would show, Bro. Eliseo Soriano was accused of libel twice for which complainants sought the courts to declare him fugitive from justice but failed to get a favorable ruling.

The preacher who is referred to simply as “Bro. Eli” by his constituents, is the Presiding Minister of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) or Ang Dating Daan as known by the public for its flagship radio-TV program.  By practice, the preacher readily exposes false practices in his effort to preach truth from the Bible. He does this particularly through his Bible Expositions or in his preaching to the congregation. The result is sometimes vehement reaction from those who prefer to remain as they are, in terms of filing court cases aside from libel.

The preacher left the country sometime in December 2005 after a series of attacks from the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) in the form of court cases and a raid of the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, north of Manila where Bro. Eli held office.

The complainants in Criminal Case 5957 (For Libel) at the Regional Trial Court, Fourth Judicial Region, Branch 76 of San Mateo Rizal, Philippines sought a motion to declare accused Eliseo Soriano a fugitive from justice and to issue a hold departure against him.

However, in a decision signed by Judge Josephine Zarate Fernandez on August 31, 2007, the motion was denied. Soriano’s counsel had underscored that his client is under intense persecution by the INC, explaining his failure to return to the country.

Despite a court denial, in 2007, two years later, the complainants in Criminal Case 06-248365 (For Libel) at the Regional Trial Court, National Capital Region, Branch 8, Manila also sought a motion to declare accused Eliseo Soriano a fugitive from justice. The court this time took pains to explain the meaning of “fugitive from justice” as one already “convicted by final judgment.” Until proven guilty, an accused is considered innocent.

In a decision penned by Presiding Judge Felixberto T. Olalia, Jr. on December 15, 2009, in the absence of evidences to support accusations, the court said the accused cannot be declared a “fugitive from justice,” thereby the motion was denied. Among others, the decision said the prosecution admitted that the accused left the country before the filing of the case (September 5, 2006), therefore the intent to evade prosecution is not present.

Incidentally, the first Libel case (Criminal Case 5957) was dismissed seven years after it was filed. In an eight-page decision penned by Josephine Zarate Fernandez, Presiding Judge of the Regional Trial Court, Fourth Judicial Region, Branch 76 of San Mateo Rizal, TV Broadcaster Eliseo F. Soriano was acquitted of the charge of libel. The order signed on January 14, 2014 said that malice was not proven beyond reasonable doubt.

According to Law, malice is one of the four elements of libel that must be sufficiently satisfied for the case to succeed. The three others include: the allegation of a discreditable act or condition concerning another, publication of the charge, identity of the person defamed, and existence of malice. The absence of anyone of these elements will not make the case prosper.

The private complainant was a Dr. Nancy Pascua represented by her counsels Atty. Abraham Espejo and Atty. Rodel Morta. Pascua was found vilifying Bro. Eli to her peer doctors who happened to be members of the MCGI that Bro. Eli led. The decision records that at that moment, Pascua was with Bernardo Santiago and his wife, both excommunicated members of the MCGI who were admitted to the INC. For background, Santiago’s wife Yolanda, legally belonged to another MCGI brother for which reason (adultery) Santiago was expelled. Bernardo Santiago is now an INC minister.

Bro. Eli reportedly reacted to the attempt at disinformation: “Baka quack doctor yon kaya galit sa akin,” (She may be a quack and that is why she’s mad at me). It was on this basis that Pascua filed a libel case. The preacher’s statement, however, was reportedly meant to underscore that a true doctor does not inflict pain on people – be it physical, mental or psychological. This case was dismissed including the earlier attempt to declare Bro. Eli a fugitive from justice.

The other case (Criminal Case 06-248365 – For Libel) that failed to get its motion to declare the preacher as fugitive from justice, was archived. According to the camp of Bro. Eli, INC Ministers named Michael Sandoval and Ramil Parba incited Muslim suicide bombers to run after Soriano to avenge the criticisms of the preacher about their beliefs and raid the ADD Convention Center. Here’s an excerpt from their exchanges on television:

Ramil Parba: Hindi ako papayag niyan! Kung ako ngayon ay miyembro ng Abu Sayaff? Miyembro ako ng MILF? Halimbawa, miyembro ako ng Suicide Bombers? Naku! Hindi ako papayag na basta ganun lang yan!  (I would not allow that! If I were a member now of the Abu Sayaff? Member of the MILF? For example, I were a member of the Suicide Bombers? Oh, no! I would not take things just like that!

Michael Sandoval: Lulusob ako sa Apalit. (I would raid Apalit).

The ministers openly did this through Net25 in their program, Ang Tamang Daan.

This went with the filing of a libel case by Muslims against the preacher in 2006 but which was archived after all these years.

These court cases relieving Bro. Eli were not publicized earlier by the MCGI such that enemies capitalized on rumors being perpetuated by his enemies that he is running away from the strong arm of the law. Recently, a disinformer went as far as writing to the editor of a publication in the United Kingdom  named Planet demanding to know why a ‘fugitive from justice” is allowed to advertise his activities instead of being reported to authorities. The MCGI thought it is high time the public should know about these two court decisions.

To Bro. Eli’s camp, the only group that is gaining from this syndrome inflicting injuries on the preacher is the Iglesia ni Cristo. Soriano happens to be the most severe critic of this group.

The “INC Syndrome” to the MCGI is actually a package that includes the following: 1) Excommunication in the MCGI means the person is not anymore acceptable due to filthy living and/or continuing violations of doctrine. But Church members excommunicated from MCGI are readily admitted into the INC after which they are made complainants or witnesses in court cases filed against Bro. Eli; 2) Court cases rain on Bro. Eli running the gamut of libel, obstruction to justice, murder, rape; 3) Net25 is used by the INC ministers to incite Muslims to run after Bro. Eli to avenge his criticisms of Muslim beliefs;

-4) Several broadcast programs of Bro. Eli  or he and his co-anchors get suspended with time or indefinite time by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB); 5) Rape case filed against Bro. Eli by an excommunicated Church member that went to the INC gets dismissed for lack of evidence; the Department of Justice under the Office of the President of the Land intervenes, gets the case elevated to them and then refiled;

-6) Bro. Eli is forced to leave the country late 2005;  7) Net25 is used by the INC ministers welcoming back Bro. Eli home with the free services of Amurao Funeral Homes, Amurao, being their “kapatid.”

-8) Interpol is attempted initially to locate Bro. Eli as Wanted for “sex crimes” which scope is not even covered by the concerns of the international body; 9) Motion to declare Bro. Eli a Fugitive from Justice is filed in two courts; and

-10) Disinformation campaign from the Internet extends to foreign media.

In each of these, Bro. Eli believes the The Almighty he serves has been saving him. Advertisements welcoming people to listen to his Bible Expositions are a part of normal routine. The fact that he advertises himself belies the claim that he is in hiding, the MCGI explained. Secondly, he preaches to the world via satellite and could be located if he is really wanted. The disinformer exerting influence on foreign media had not considered that advertising oneself and preaching openly could hardly be the behavior of a fugitive from justice.

Despite the continued disinformation, instead of seeing Bro. Eli banished from the face of the earth as desired by his enemies, all the more he has widened his base for preaching. When he speaks in Bible Expositions, all six continents are linked to his base. From statistics, the MCGI has tremendously grown over the last seven years since Bro. Eli set base in South America.

When asked about images, tithing, practices that are not espoused by the Bible, Bro. Eli continues to irk religious leaders with his answers. But it is part of his role as Truthcaster, preaching the Bible whole, the preacher claims.

What did the INC not want the world to hear from Bro. Eli as broadcaster? For one, the preacher underscores the devious effect of the Iglesia ni Cristo Command Votes practice that is actively influencing politics in the country. Public knowledge reveals that the members are commanded to elect certain candidates – be it someone judged to be unworthy for the elected position. Failure to do so would  merit sanctions. After the elections, the INC would recommend their people to sensitive positions as forms of payback. The devious effect can be said to have filtered into the justice system of the country by way of these Command Votes for the President of the Land and other national elective positions. [Read this book for more on the justice system: Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court by Marites Danguilan Vitug, Public Trust Media Group Inc 2010].

To analytical minds, “Command Votes” is the right term because there is bloc voting that allows the will of the voter to reign. In contrast, in the Command Votes practice of the INC supposedly for unity, there is no freedom to choose, such that some leave the INC on account of such practice. Most leavers can be found in the MCGI who lament that they had to vote for the rivals of their very own relatives – against their will.

An earlier blog of Jake Astudillo (April 21, 2013, this blogsite)  wrote –

Alex Magno of Philippine Star calls this more of “command votes.” As practiced by the INC it is command votes, he said, “evoking sad imagery of witness voters and omnipotent political lords.”

Whatever you may call it, the INC had perfected this practice by declaring candidates to support only a few days before the actual casting of votes – when the most likely candidate to win is already palpable. They then appear to have exerted some influence when the candidate wins, who usually would call in to thank them.

As discussed by Preacher Soriano, this bloc voting syndrome has affected the country as exemplified by politicians’ sycophantic bestowal of favors to the Iglesia ni Cristo. There is the obvious hope of abbreviated efforts in having to troop to their chapels for endorsement during election time.

Jake Astudillo is talking about the controversial re-naming of already-named streets to Felix Manalo Street’s by politicians, and granting INC (July 27) holidays to INC members in their localities. It is a practice gradually getting established that takes a less strenuous exercise than having to go to the INC Palace for endorsement or inclusion in bloc voting.

Why do politicians do this – rename streets in heroes’ names into Felix Manalo’s and grant holidays to INC’s in their localities?  Did the INC ask for these street re-naming and July 27 holidays? They did not, some INC claim. Isn’t it an effect or more precisely an offshoot of this Command Votes practice? To re-quote Astudillo, “There is the obvious hope of abbreviated efforts in having to troop to their chapels for endorsement during election time….  this syndrome has affected the country as exemplified by politicians’ sycophantic bestowal of favors to the Iglesia ni Cristo.”

The INC Command Votes practice is really at the root of the INC Syndrome, some quarters swear to that. They get their influence from it and use it to persecute others. Meanwhile, they ensconce themselves in power. This INC is hardly a CHURCH, according to Bro. Eli. If this were a true church, it would not display these symptoms.

But there is the necessity to speak – for the benefit of others. At his age, when Bro. Eli goes, at least he has been harping about the nefarious practices of this so-called very influential group: scattering their grandiose chapels everywhere but deforming their members within. With him, enemies may do everything, but he depends on what God can do.

“I am old. I don’t know how far my work will take me. As to preaching, there’s a direction to follow: from east to west to north to south. We are going north,” Bro. Eli would say.The Bible indeed points to that direction in not only with a single verse. When you consider what the preacher is saying and referring to, it is the Antipodal Map that he is busy following.

Author: kotawinters

After the path of truth wherever it leads me.

51 thoughts on “Eli Soriano Not Fugitive from Justice: Two Courts Deny Motions”

  1. No one can hinder the truth to prevail, even their power and wealth. Thanks be to God for proving once again that His nation is being led by a faithful preacher.

  2. All they (the INC) can use for the INC Syndrome are the excretory products.

    After reading this article, I had mix emotions. I feel happy and thankful that once again, Bro. Eli is acquitted and was proved to be not fugitive from the law. On the other hand, I feel sad for the live death threats. How can people do that? That in national television, they have the guts to threaten someone, to the extend involving death and funeral wake. Tsk.

    Come 1000 years, they will see who God is with. Thanks be to God for this.

  3. God really moves!!He knows the truth, alam ng Dios ang sa kaniyay sumusunod, at di niya pababayaan ang kaniyang lingkod. To God be the glory.

  4. A case in point is a Supreme Court justice known to have been backed up by the INC, a ponente on a case of Libel against Bro. Eli. The decision he wrote implied that saying “legitimong anak ng demonyo” said in anger is passing the Clear and Present Danger Test. Oh my gosh! Was national interest involved here? Do you remember who this justice is? He is still there. I hope he will change because he is already publicly known to be an INC stooge.

  5. FROM Bro. Eli –

    “It’s an undeniable fact that the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is meddling in government affairs but firstly in placing people in government. They do this in their tricky neat way of saying they helped you win by some calculations they made a few days the win is palpable. With the blessings of a command vote, the fate of the politician is sealed, tucked with a gift of promise in an exchange made in the dark.

    “Even in the appointment of justices in the Supreme Court, the INC has not seen it fit to keep off – much to the dismay of the “common tao.”

    “If the INC is that numerous that can assure the victory of a candidate, logic dictates that they, given the chance, will want to directly govern the country.

    “Why until now are they afraid of fielding their own candidate for a national position, like an INC candidate for senator or vice president or president? The reason is that if their very own (INC) candidates lost, the people and their candidates will discover the truth or the one nearest to the truth: the paltry or insignificant total membership of the INC. This can prove that they are not as numerous as they claim.

    “How? It is due to their injunction that a member that will not vote for a chosen candidate will automatically be excommunicated according to their book, ‘Ministerial Code and Ethics.” See?”

  6. This is a very informative and revealing post. Thanks for sharing this to all, for to sum it all, the insecurities of the detractors of Bro. Eli, particularly the Manalos of the INC are truly manifest.

    Only the blind or those who refuse to see will not realize what these evil people are doing to Bro. Eli. Just the same, the more that they persecute Bro. Eli, the more that his preaching spreads and reaches to the people of God worldwide.

    I just hope you will continue your advocacy in revealing the truth about Bro. Eli. God bless you more.

  7. The INC objective:
    Stop Bro. Eli Soriano in exposing their false doctrines and bloc voting scheme whatever it takes.

    The INC moves:
    All devious tactics to distress Bro. Eli Soriano here or abroad. One is to file cases – libel and declaring him fugitive from justice.

    The Court of the Land says:

    The RESULT as seen today:
    The true colors of INC is manifested. Many eyes see the truth thru Bro. Eli’s exposition of INC false doctrines and the real agenda of their bloc voting.

    With God’s help, members of INC be enlightened and leave their false religion. Cleave to what is good.

    Kotawinters, Thanks be to God for this truthful information about Bro. Eli Soriano. May you continue helping Bro. Eli by this advocacy.

    Thanks be to God for we have a preacher like Bro. Eli Soriano. The persecution made by his enemies cannot stop him to propagate the truth in the Bible.

  8. May the eyes of those who believe enemies false-coated representation about Bro. Eli Soriano be opened by learning the truth about him. None of the wicked shall understand the wisdom written in the Bible, if he is wicked person, why he understand the Scriptures.

    Compare what he is saying versus your known-preachers or priests. The truth will reveals who is good and not.

  9. This is obviously true and a logical thought of a keen and intelligent observer –

    “Why until now are they afraid of fielding their own candidate for a national position, like an INC candidate for senator or vice president or president? The reason is that if their very own (INC) candidates lost, the people and their candidates will discover the truth or the one nearest to the truth: the paltry or insignificant total membership of the INC. This can prove that they are not as numerous as they claim.” – Bro. Eliseo Soriano

    The court really had to painstakingly explain to BE’s complainants (engineered by INC) that one can only be called fugitive after having been convicted by final judgement. Bro. Eli was not yet proven guilty at the height of legal proceedings (ruling of the court then was yet to be finalized) to call him a fugitive.

  10. This article is a virtual slap to the INCs. They keep on saying that Bro. Eli has left us and Bro Eli is hiding, while in fact, it’s the opposite. We’re truly blessed for a preacher who cares for us and for a preacher that was sent by God, who preaches to many nation now..

    Manalo is the one hiding and not Bro. Eli. The Proof? Manalo wouldn’t even battle in a debate, while in fact, when asked for a discussion, he pointed Bro. Eli to debate the Pope John Paul II (who is dying by that time). What a lame course for Manalo.

  11. The real fugitive from justice, A korean-fugitive named Ja Hoon Ku – wanted by the International Criminal Police (Interpol), is kept by INC.

    Read news link below for details.


    This is a slap to the thick-faced of INC who persecuted Bro. Eli even unto the foreign court – its a boomerang! Now, who is hiding from justice?? The true religion will not let tolerate this cause the Bible teaches us to obey the law of the land, more so the laws of Christ.

  12. Haay! Some people do not know what fugitive means. They added the word, ANYMORE. If you add this, it means, one was a fugitive (running away from prosecution) and then no more. How come? Bro. Eli Soriano was NEVER a fugitive even one minute of his life. ONLY THE COURT CAN DECLARE WHO IS FUGITIVE OR NOT. It is a misnomer to say one “s not a fugitive anymore.” Let us scout for these links and post them there – so we can correct them.

    1. I found this and placed my comment to this link http://religiousiniquities.blogspot.com/2011/04/bro-eli-sorianos-rape-case-filed-by.html#comment-form

      My comment was:
      “I am concern on the words above “Today Bro. Eli is not a fugitive anymore” cause He is not a fugitive before nor today. A fugitive from justice is one already convicted by final judgment, and Bro. Eli is not convicted by any court in the land. This misnomer must be stopped. Please read https://kotawinters.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/eli-soriano-not-fugitive-from-justice-two-courts-deny-motions/

    2. Comment was place on this link: http://religiousiniquities.blogspot.com/2011/06/bro-eli-is-not-fugitive-anymore.html#comment-form

      Commented as:
      Bro. Eli is not a fugitive before nor today. A fugitive from justice is one already convicted by final judgment. This is a misnomer, and it must be stopped. Saying “he is not a fugitive anymore” is implying he’d been before. Please read


  13. If only Politicians have the same observation as Bro. Eli had, they will not put their trust and confidence to INC in terms of bloc voting.

    “Why until now are they afraid of fielding their own candidate for a national position, like an INC candidate for senator or vice president or president? The reason is that if their very own (INC) candidates lost, the people and their candidates will discover the truth or the one nearest to the truth: the paltry or insignificant total membership of the INC. This can prove that they are not as numerous as they claim.” – Bro. Eliseo Soriano

    The latest, they will get the surveys first and on the very last minute they will announce whose name to carry.

    The saddest thing to members whose their love ones run for candidacy and if not chosen by INC, they are obliged to vote the rival candidate, if not, they will be sanctioned. How painful to see your INC friends and relatives and family shouting the name of your rival candidate? Where is the freedom to vote? INC’s Bloc voting is evil.

  14. Just because a preacher has been declined, doesn’t mean that the positions above are flukes. Know that Eli does not have the position and right to judge others’ actions according to the Bible. Even that book itself contradicts itself.

    1. RI, bro Eli does read the bible. It is written,
      *[[Deu 30:19]] KJV* I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

      God had already given the choices for us. Its either you choose life or death. Its either you choose blessing or cursing. It is set before us. That is fair judgement from God. It is also fair that we should know what God wants in order to be choose if we want to gain Life or be condemned.

      1. Well said and precisely right! Just like saying that a wrong can never be right or an evil can never be good. Thus, there is really no point of comparison. It will be illogical.

  15. Whatever the demons will say, this is what I know…

    Juan 9:25 Sumagot nga siya, Kung siya’y makasalanan ay hindi ko nalalaman: isang bagay ang nalalaman ko, na, bagaman ako’y naging bulag, ngayo’y nakakakita ako.

    25 He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

  16. Mabuhay ka Bro. elly at samahan ka sa panginoon sa kanyang katuwiran at kalakasan Magbabayad sa buhay na Dios ang mga taong gumipit sa iyo at buhay nya na iglesya.

  17. If he’s not a fugitive in hiding, the question is simple. WHY doesn’t he RETURN here in the Philippines to visit his flock and accommodate questions ON television programs? Is he AFRAID of something? Does he fear DEATH? Neither Jesus or the Apostle Paul feared death NOR imprisonment knowing that their conscience is clear before YHWH GOD. But it seems as if, despite his bragaddocio and audacity, eliseo soriano cannot by his ACTIONS, again ACTIONS prove that he is as brave and bold as he think he is. A character which isn’t seen among the early Believers. Again, words mean NOTHING. ACTIONS speak louder than words. The evil will flee when there is no one chasing them, and the righteous are as BOLD as a lion. (Proverbs 28:1)

    1. You know rai, bro Eli is a peace loving preacher. Unlike the ministers of other religion that does everything in order to shut up thier critics. Maybe you are a member of them. You know they are very influential. You know that they can eliminate anybody who’s not thier church member. If you read the news, maybe you know what was happening to the ex communicated family members of Eraño Manalo. They fear for their lives. They cannot go out of thier house, laywers cannot go inside to talk to them. The government cannot do anything to solve their issues. Do you think if bro Eli will go back, they will let him live? If you read the bible, it is written.

      *[[Mat 10:23]] KJV* But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.

      Bro Eli does follow the scriptures. Unlike other so called preachers.
      It is written, FLEE IF PERSECUTED..

    2. Alam mo RAI, naaawa kami sa’yo. Misinformed ka kasi. Pano, nag search ka puro galing doon sa mga hate sites na against sa amin, natural puro paninira ang makukuha mo doon.

      Ganito po yun RAI,
      Una sa lahat, Bro. Eli is not a “fugitive in hiding “. Masyado ka naman yatang rush at padalosdalos sa paga-accuse. Porke ba hindi siya umuuwi sa Pilipinas ay fugitive in hiding na kaagad? Yan ang hirap pag ang tao ay nagmamadali sa kanyang mga salita at hindi muna nagiisip.

      Kawikaan 29:20
      Nakikita mo ba ang tao, na nagmamadali sa kaniyang mga salita? May pagasa pa sa mangmang kay sa kaniya.

      Before you accuse Bro. Eli as a fugitive in hiding, you should know first the meaning of the word “hiding”. Baka hindi mo alam?

      verb (past hid | hid |; past participle
      •put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others.
      • (of a thing) prevent (someone or something) from being seen.
      • keep secret or unknown.
      • conceal oneself.

      If this is the meaning of the word “hiding”, my question is simple also. HOW can Bro. Eli be in “hiding” kung halos sa lahat ng lugar ay MAKIKITA at MARIRINIG mo siya? Sa internet, TV, radio and in print. May LIVE Worldwide Bible Exposition pa siya every month na kung saan people can ask him questions about the Bible. And everybody is invited, even you. Paanong hiding yan? Kahit sa abroad MAKIKITA mo siya sa TV thru Cable and Satellite sa iba’t ibang panig ng mundo lalo na sa Central and South America sa 17 TV stations. Paano siya naging “hiding” niyan? O baka bulag ka lang kaya akala mo hiding siya? Yung puno mo kaya,? NAKIKITA ba siya sa TV? May LIVE Bible Exposition ba siya? NAPAPANOOD ba siya ng publiko sa pangangaral? Kung ang sagot ay HINDI, lalabas ang puno mo ang siyang “HIDING”, sa tunay na kahulugan ng salita. Wag ganon kaibigan! Ang hirap sa’yo ayaw mong umunawa e.

      At isa pa, Bro. Eli is definitely NOT a “fugitive “. May pahintulot ng RTC ang pagpunta niya ng ibang bansa. Dokumentado yan iho baka hindi mo alam.

      Now, giving you the benefit of the doubt. Ipagpalagay na nating siya nga ay tumakas o fugitive (bagaman isang malaking HINDI), hindi pa rin labag sa Biblia yon. Sapagka’t utos ni Cristo:

      Mateo 10:22
      Datapuwa’t pagka kayo’y pinagusig nila sa isang bayang ito, ay magsitakas kayo tungo sa kasunod na bayan: sapagka’t sa katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo, Hindi ninyo matatapos libutin ang mga bayan ng Israel, hanggang sa pumarito ang Anak ng tao.

      Mahigit sampung kaso ang isinampa laban kay Bro. Eli ng mga kalaban upang usigin at pigilan siya sa pangangaral to the extent na ang programang ANG DATING DAAN ay ibig nilang ipasara. Dahil dito, nangibang bayan siya at doon nangaral.

      Isa pang punto. Kahit na nasa ibang bansa si Bro. Eli, it doesn’t mean na napapabayaan na niya ang “flock” dito sa Pilipinas. For your information po, every week ay LIVE na nakakausap ni Bro. Eli ang “flock” at napapangaralan ng Salita ng Dios. Sometimes ay twice or thrice a week pa. Hindi niya ito napapabayaan dahil hindi naman hadlang ang distance para mapangasiwaan niya ang mga kapatid especially with the aid of modern technology. Gaya ni Pablo noong una. Kahit wala siya sa harapan ng “flock” personally ay nakapangangasiwa pa rin siya sa kanila.


      1 Corinto 5:3
      Sapagka’t ako sa katotohanan, bagama’t wala sa harapan ninyo sa katawan nguni’t ako’y nasa harapan ninyo sa espiritu, akin ngang hinatulan na ang gumawa ng bagay na ito, na tulad sa ako’y nahaharap…

      Simple question daw niya:
      “why doesn’t he RETURN here in the Philippines to visit his flock…?”

      Simple question. Simple answer.


      Mateo 28:19-20
      19Dahil dito magsiyaon nga kayo, at gawin ninyong mga alagad ang lahat ng mga bansa, na sila’y inyong bautismuhan sa pangalan ng Ama at ng Anak at ng Espiritu Santo:
      20 Na ituro ninyo sa kanila na kanilang ganapin ang lahat ng mga bagay na iniutos ko sa inyo: at narito, ako’y sumasa inyong palagi, hanggang sa katapusan ng sanglibutan.

      God’s preachers are NOT meant to STAY at ONE PLACE only! May UTOS sa kanila ang Panginoon to go from one place to another. At isa pa, MARAMI na po kasing kapatid sa South America kaya hindi maiwan ni Bro. Eli lalo na marami pa sa kanila ang bago pa lamang sa church. Natural kapag bago pa lang, dapat ay inaaruga at inaalalayan. Hindi yung agad na iiwanan.


      1 Corinto 3:1-2
      1At ako, mga kapatid, ay hindi nakapagsalita sa inyo na tulad sa mga nasa espiritu, kundi tulad sa mga nasa laman, tulad sa mga sanggol kay Cristo.
      2Kinandili ko kayo ng gatas, at hindi ng lamang-kati; sapagka’t kayo’y wala pang kaya noon: wala, na ngayon pa man ay wala kayong kaya…

      Bayaan mo RAI, kapag dumami na ng dumami at tumibay ng tumibay ang mga kapatid sa South America, abangan mo, aalis ulit si Bro. Eli doon at pupunta naman sa ibang bansa. Baka naman mag accuse ka nanaman na fugitive pag umalis ulit siya. Think before you post brother. Ang “flock” dito sa Pilipinas ay hindi napapabayaan dahil nandito naman si Bro. Daniel. Ang alam mo lang yata ay isa lang ang nangangasiwa sa “flock”. Yan ang hirap pag misinformed.

    3. Thru modern tehnology Bro.Eli Soriano answer’s any time any where, so no need to comeback, just to answering brethren or non brethren’s question, in fact He served more while in America, and its less travel He made the more time He preach and many people served, the risk in life is not only in the Philippines, but Bro.Eli Soriano is brave and face whats God’s will.

    4. Rai, I would like to suggest that maybe you must do your research well.

      First, Bro. Eli is not a fugitive. There are no any court decisions which states that he’s a fugitive. Another significant thing is that he has the court approval to travel abroad as part of his global propagation obligation of the Word of God.

      Was he in hiding? NO! Every day people of different continents can see him and even talk to him and ask him questions live through video streaming via internet or satellite feed.

      And now he’s currently in South America establishing more locales as thousands of people who are listening to his preaching are now requesting for a place to be indoctrinated and to worship and to listen to his preaching. The Church is now in progress as part of the prophecy in the Bible.

      And to inform you, every week the whole flock was always able to talk to Bro. Eli. He would spend hours of teaching and knowing the concern of the Church members. And more often, even the non-members have that opportunity to consult with Bro. Eli during the consultation.

      He’s not afraid of his enemies and neither of death! Simply because until now he’s continuously exposing false preachers and their wrong doctrines. And mind you, South America is much bigger than the Philippines and you can imagine how many other big and powerful religious denominations there are than there are in the Philippines. Logic dictates, it means gaining more enemies – enemies of truth.

      And going out from another country to preach is not cowardness. In fact, the Lord Jesus Christ had commanded His Apostles to flee to another place if they suffered persecution in a place where they are preaching.

      “When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. Truly I tell you, you will not finish going through the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes.” Matthew 10:23

      And the Lord Jesus Christ had also managed to escape those people who had tried to arrest Him, simply because they cannot contest the wisdom He has.

      “Once again they tried to arrest him, but he got away and left them.” John 10:39

      That proves your conclusion is simply a show of ignorance of the scriptures.

      And lastly, Believers are wise. Because, if you’re wise, why would you allow yourself to get caught and be killed if you can escape knowing that you are not guilty of any crime and more so if the crime being rendered to you is just an invented crime.

      Christ died on the cross, yes, it is because of the prophecy that He must fulfilled to save us from our sins.

      And you used the verse:

      “The evil will flee when there is no one chasing them, and the righteous are as BOLD as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1)

      In Tagalog, “Ang masama ay tumatakas ng walang taong humahabol: nguni’t ang matuwid ay matapang na parang leon.”

      You must compose yourself and read the verse wisely!

      Yes, “the evil will FLEE when there is NO ONE chasing them.”
      and in Tagalog, “ang masama ay TUMATAKAS ng WALANG taong humahabol”

      You cannot apply if to Bro. Eli! Because if you’re really aware and reading this blog where you commented you must have realized that there are lots of people chasing Bro. Eli Soriano.

      SO, if you think that Bro. Eli is “fleeing or escaping,” I will just accept it for a while just for the sake of this argument, can you now say that Bro. Eli is fleeting but no one chasing him?! Or it is better and much wise and logical to think that the very reason why he flee is because there are these people trying to stop him and obviously to do serious harm to him?! Imagine, somebody just wished him Rest In Peace!

      And he is indeed BOLD because until now he’s continuously doing his duty: preaching, exposing false preachers and even winning debates against other religious pastors.


    5. Rai
      Hindi po sa lahat ng pagkakataon ididikit mo ang pagalis ng ibang bansa o bayan sa isang masama meron ding ganyang kautusan
      Mateo 10:23
      Datapuwa’t pagka kayo’y pinagusig nila sa isang bayang ito, ay magsitakas kayo tungo sa kasunod na bayan: sapagka’t sa katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo, Hindi ninyo matatapos libutin ang mga bayan ng Israel, hanggang sa pumarito ang Anak ng tao.
      At One thing yung “WHY doesn’t he RETURN here in the Philippines” alam niyo po mas marami ang pwedeng makarinig dun kesa po dito sa ating bansa gumagawa si Brad Eli ng hakbang para mapahayag sa ibang bansa ang Aral ng Salita ng Dios hindi sa pagkaduwag kundi magpahayag ng salita ng Dios sa ibang bansa. Hindi niya po pinababayaan ang mga miyembro niya sa Bansang Pilipinas ano ang katunayan nandyan ang Laverdad Christian College kung saan makakapagaral ang mga studyante ng libre, libreng sakay, Medical Mission, UNTV Cup atbp. kung saan pinakikinabanagan ng mga mga kababayan natin dito mahal niya po ang bansang pilipinas masakit man sa kanya na di siya makauwe pero tinitiis niya para sa pagpapalaganap ng salita ng Dios sa kabila ng mga hirap at sakit niyang dinadala sa araw-araw at SpSD at nabubuhay pa po siya sa kasalukuyan To God Be the Glory!!.

  18. “Is he AFRAID of something? Does he fear DEATH?”

    Im just curious. Why are you asking about DEATH regarding Bro. Eli’s return to the Philippines? INAAMIN mo ba na may isang “grupo” talaga na NAGBABANTA sa kanyang BUHAY? Sa umamin ka man o hindi, ang dahilan ng di paguwi ni Bro. Eli ay HINDI dahil sa takot siyang mamatay gaya ng pinapatunog mo. Hindi mo lang kasi naintindihan yun mismong ginamit mong Bible verse:

    Kawikaan 28:1
    Ang masama ay tumatakas ng walang taong humahabol: nguni’t ang matuwid ay matapang na parang leon.

    HINDI ang ibig sabihin ng salitang “matapang na parang leon. ” ay kahit alam mong may papatay sa’yo sa isang lugar ay pupunta ka pa rin sa lugar na yon. Hindi KATAPANGAN ang tawag dun kaibigan. Ang tawag dun KATANGAHAN! Bakit? SUICIDE kasi ang tawag dun. Tandaan mo. Self preservation is man’s inborn right. Baka hindi mo alam, si Cristo man noong hindi pa niya oras ay UMIIWAS din pag alam niyang may PAPATAY sa kanya.


    Juan 7:1
    At pagkatapos ng mga bagay na ito ay naglakad si Jesus sa Galilea: sapagka’t ayaw siyang maglakad sa Judea, dahil sa pinagsisikapan ng mga Judio na siya’y patayin.

    AYAW maglakad ni Cristo sa Judea kasi alam niyang may PAPATAY sa kanya doon. Kung itong si RAI ang tatanungin, PAGBININTANGAN nito si Cristo na DUWAG at TAKOT dahil UMIIWAS sa Judea. Kawawa ka naman. HINDI kasi NAITURO sa’yo ang kahulugan ng TAPANG at KAWALANG TAKOT SA KAMATAYAN na taglay ng mga lingkod ng Dios. Hindi ibig sabihin non ay pupunta ka sa loob ng mga moske at atakehin mo ang aral nila. DELIKADO ka pag ginawa mo yun. At TANGA ka pag ginawa mo yun. Ang kahulugan ng TAPANG na dala ng mga apostol ay ang HINDI PAGPAPAPIGIL sa PANGANGARAL sa kabila ng lahat ng mga BANTA ng KAMATAYAN. Gaya ni Pablo na HINDI nagpapapigil sa pangangaral kahit na maraming banta ng PAGPATAY sa kanyang buhay. Hindi ibig sabihin nun ay NAGPAPAHULI siya para MAPATAY. Matalino si Pablo. Mahusay siyang UMIWAS sa mga PAPATAY sa kanya.


    Gawa 9:22-25
    22Datapuwa’t lalo nang lumakas ang loob ni Saulo, at nilito ang mga Judio na nangananahan sa Damasco, na pinatutunayan na ito ang Cristo.
    23At nang maganap ang maraming mga araw, ay nangagsanggunian ang mga Judio upang siya’y patayin:
    24Datapuwa’t napagtalastas ni Saulo ang kanilang banta. At kanilang binantayan naman ang mga pintuang daan sa araw at gabi upang siya’y kanilang patayin:
    25Nguni’t kinuha siya sa gabi ng kaniyang mga alagad, at siya’y ibinaba sa kuta na siya’y inihugos na nasa isang balaong.

    O KITAM! Baka naman si Pablo naman ang pagbintangan mo na DUWAG at TAKOT dahil UMIWAS sa mga PAPATAY sa kanya. Ganito lang din si Bro. Eli. Hindi siya DUWAG at TAKOT dahil sa hindi pa siya umuuwi sa Pilipinas.

  19. Si Cristo hindi takot sa kamatayan, alam nya may oras na mamamatay siya. Kaya may ulat.
    Juan 8:59 nagtago si Hesus. Yan ang sabihin mo jan.

    Isa pa ang mga tagapangaral kapag pinagusig… May utos ang Kristo na lumipat ng lugar

    Pero hindi sila takot…

    Meron bang takot na hahamunin sa tv, sa dyaryo, sa araneta pa! Hahamunin si Manalo.. O kung sinong puno ng relihion? May takot bang ganun?
    Bakit daw di umuwi sa Philipinas?

    Si hesus nagtago eh, oh! Ano ipapakahulugan dun takot?

    Hindi komo nangangaral sa abroad takot na?
    Linggo linggo nakakausap, monthly via satelite pwede mo tanungin live, ipahiya mo pwede kung kaya mo.
    Sa World Wide Bible Exposition
    Kita mo gagamit lang ng sitas, mali pa. Kaw 28:1 hahaha

    Ang MASAMA tumatakas?

    Hindi nga lahat ng tmatakas kakapitan mo ng word na masama eh! Mat.10:23
    Ang MATUWID parang leon!
    hinahamon ni bro. Eli si Manlo pinapalabas!!!! tsaka hinahamon ni bro Eli ang lahat ng pastor na lumabas para ipagtanggol aral nila

    Eh hinahabol nga siya ng iglesia ni Manalo Eh!

    They made themselves clear, funeral parlor ang sasalubong sa kaniya sa airport… Sa nagiisip… Alam mo ibig nilang gawin kay bro. Eli eh!? Diba?

    So, may reason na hindi siya umuwi.

    Tanong, hindi na ba siya makakapangaral kung hindi sya makakauwi sa Pinas? Eh sa Abroad nga mas nakita pa nga ang lalong lawak ng scope ng pangangaralan eh.. Edi nakabuti pa nga… Natupad ang wikang nasusulat. Roma 8:28

    To God Be The Glory!!!

  20. @Rai

    1. First, clearly stated on the article “Eli Soriano Not Fugitive from Justice: Two Courts Deny Motions”.

    -Yes, the word fugitive means, “a runaway”. So how can he be a runaway from justice, if the court itself denied the motions from false accusations, against Bro. Eli. I hope you get the point there.

    2. You said, “If he’s not a fugitive in hiding,..”

    – In reality, He is not hiding. Hiding from who? Please, clear your argument, about what are you pointing for using the word fugitive here.

    3. To your question, “WHY doesn’t he RETURN here in the Philippines to visit his flock and accommodate questions ON television programs?”

    – He will return, anytime soon, if God’s will, and in God’s mercy. We believed, that it’s God’s will that Bro. Eli is on other country now, as a tool to save more mislead souls.

    -He always visit the congregation, almost every time by means of current technology.

    -He always do accommodate questions on television programs, even questions coming here at Philippines, just watch it for yourself. Take time to watch on UNTV 37.

    4. To this one, “Is he AFRAID of something? Does he fear DEATH? Neither Jesus or the Apostle Paul feared death NOR imprisonment knowing that their conscience is clear before YHWH GOD.”

    – Fear of physical death and human’s imprisonment to jail? No, of course. Are you implying that Bro. Eli’s faith to God is very poor?

    – Not for anything else, but one reason is this, from the Lord Jesus Christ itself.


    Matthew 4:
    5Nang magkagayo’y dinala siya ng diablo sa bayang banal; at inilagay siya sa taluktok ng templo,

    6At sa kaniya’y sinabi, Kung ikaw ang Anak ng Dios, ay magpatihulog ka: sapagka’t nasusulat, Siya’y magbibilin sa kaniyang mga anghel tungkol sa iyo: at, Aalalayan ka ng kanilang mga kamay, Baka matisod ka ng iyong paa sa isang bato.

    7Sinabi sa kaniya ni Jesus, Nasusulat din naman, Huwag mong tutuksuhin ang Panginoon mong Dios.

    – Lord Jesus said that to the devil, does it imply that Lord Jesus feared death by not following the devil. We don’t think so.

    Feel free to ask questions, during Ang Dating Daan’s Worldwide Bible Exposition.

    Hope, that you will be enlightened soon. Thank you.

    Thanks be to God.

  21. RAI, kung alam mo ang salitang EMPATHY, masasagot mo ang lahat ng tanong mo rito sa article na ito. Mahirap sa pakiramdam na pag-uusigin ka o guguluhin ka ng kapwa mo Pilipino, iimbentuhan ka nang walang katotohanan at may mga mapapahamak na mga inosente. Ang lider, relihiyon man yan o hindi, at kung nasa katinuuan, iisipin niya lagi ang para sa ikabubuti ng nasasakupan niya. Kung napanood mo na ang mga videos niya sa debate, matapang at wala siya inuurungan, basta katotohanan ang usapan. Gustuhin man niya umuwi dito sa Pilipinas, may mga obligasyon na siyang kailangan na harapin sa ibang bansa, dahil marami na rin ang nakakapakinig ng itinuturo niya dito sa Pilipinas. Sa totoo lang, marami tayong banyaga roon na tuwang tuwa sa ginawa niyang pangangaral, simula ng guluhin siya dito sa Pilipinas. Blessing in disguise ang maitatawag natin.

    Sana maintindihan mo ang kalagayan ng isang nangangaral, lagi iyan nasa action, anuman mangyari, gagawa at gagawa siya ng paraan, maituloy niya lang pangangaral niya ng salita ng Dios sa Bible. Hindi po siya nagpapabaya dito sa Pilipinas, marami siya katiwala na umaaasikaso sa mga naiwan niyang miyembro dito. Isa pa, kung napapanood mo ang mga charitable activities na ginagawa madalas, gaya ng UNTV CUP, Libreng Sakay, Medical Mission, makikita mo na kahit nasa abroad siya, inaalala niya kapwa niya Pilipino. Mahal niya ang Pilipinas, kung makikita mo ang ginagawa niyang kabutihan. Marami po ang pwedeng sumaksi sa ginagawa niya rito sa bansa. Hindi na lang sa pagbubuhat ng bangko.

    Mahal niya ang mga inaakay niya, kaya sa lahat ng pagkakataon, nag-iingat siya at iniingatan niya rin mga inaakay niya, pati mga hindi miyembro, minamalasakitan niya. Hindi ko lang alam sa iyo, kung kaya mo rin gawin ang ginagawa niya. Matanda na rin si Bro Eli, sana isipin mo, sa kabila ng katandaan niya, kapwa pa rin niya iniisip niya. Bibihira lang ang gaya niya. Kung sa tingin mo, hindi pa rin sapat ang ginagawa niya, sa kabila ng katandaan niya, wala na po kami magagawa. Balang araw naman, may gaganti sa lahat ng kabutihan at kasamaan ng isang tao.

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