Corruption in News Media and the Charge of Power-grab

By Jane Abao

Manila, Philippines (9/24/2014) – Arrogance is defined in the dictionary as revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance. It can also mean displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or ability. When media does this or when one ascribes to media such power or importance, then its performance of its supposed social function of being watchdog is being judged amiss. Indeed, is media incorruptible?

The Column

On September 9, 2014, an Efren N. Padilla wrote an opinion blog titled, “VP Jejomar Binay and the third commandment.” He wrote this in an online site, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The columnist began with a public pet peeve: that of Binay being of ill repute. Vice President Jejomar Binay was said to deny the testimony of his former vice mayor in Makati at a Senate blue ribbon committee investigation – that he received kickbacks from the construction of the Makati City Hall’s overpriced P2.3-billion building.  He swore in Tagalog that he never received kickbacks –

Sa Diyos at sa tao, taas-noo kong sinasabi na wala akong tinanggap o hiningi na anumang pera sa proyektong
ito o anumang proyekto sa Makati. (Before God and people, I hold my head up high and say that I never received or asked any money for this project or any project in Makati).

Padilla said such denial and swearing sent shivers down his spine. “It stunned me. More so, it terrified me,” he said. The reason was that Binay had the gall to swear in God’s name.

Then Padilla inserted a short anecdote about Svengali, one he looks at as a powergrabber –

And talking about power-grab, I am reminded of Svengali, a fictional character in George du Maurier’s 1895 novel “Trilby.” The story tells of Svengali who seduces and controls Trilby into becoming a great singer using hypnosis. Of course, without Svengali, Trilby cannot perform.

Padilla’s piece was short of calling Binay a power grabber. From whom, Padilla did not elaborate.

Just like our power grabbers, they seduce and control particularly the “great unwashed” to do their bidding for power and make them helpless and dependent. Oh, how quickly we are reminded of the charming and bewitching entrepreneurship of our political and religious personae, and the involuntary ignorance of the lived experiences of our people.

Next, he pigeon-holed Binay with many others.

Is there a difference between the likes of Binay, Estrada, Marcos, Arroyo, Enrile, Revilla, Velarde, Quiboloy, Manalo, Soriano, et cetera? For me, there is none. Our political reality is that religion is now simply a sinister means rather than a noble end to pursue.

The many others, however, do not fall into one category.

Finally, the columnist made an exaggerated claim – that of news media being incorruptible.

I am glad that our people still have an advocate whose job is also to research the issues and to present the facts, to debunk the lies, and to tell the truth—the incorruptible news media!

Rhetorical Analysis

Everyone is presumed right until another one comes forward to prove him wrong. Padilla ended with an arrogant endorsement of news media as being incorruptible, but that is also his claim. What was his issue? That Binay is of ill repute is not debatable anymore – from the context that Padilla had detailed and supported this contention. Indeed, from the daily news reports, we read of the public wish that Filipinos will have as next President one who is not connected with any corruption charge. That is one thing no one would quarrel with. It is every nation’s desire anywhere in the world. From this angle, Padilla’s charge is tenable.

The structure of Padilla’s argument led to discussions about a Svengali. Who is he? The word origin and history for Svengali, according to is “one who exerts controlling or mesmeric influence on another,” 1914, from hypnotist character of that name in the novel “Trilby” (1894) by George Du Maurier.

Another definition from Chris Welles as posted in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition is “A person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired. In the story, the “singing machine” who was Trilby was under the spell of Svengali.

Padilla was therefore referring to non-thinking people made victims by powergrabbers. But he appeared confused because Svengali worked by hypnosis – not by power-grab – although Svengali held power. What do these grabbers do?

They seduce and control particularly the “great unwashed” to do their bidding for power and make them helpless and dependent. Oh, how quickly we are reminded of the charming and bewitching entrepreneurship of our political and religious personae, and the involuntary ignorance of the lived experiences of our people.

This charge is serious! Padilla should go to court – now that he had included Soriano in his tirade against Binay which he implied as power grabber and playing on the ignorance of the great unwashed.

What is Power

Power is different from power grab. One can have power through the appointment of people or through the appointment of God. Power taken forcibly is power grab. But Power is not hypnosis and people are not that frail and corrupt as to be mindless following fools.

Power is not the same as power grab. Power is not always negative. In fact, power can bring order. Power does not necessarily take away thinking as in hypnosis. When people are ruled in a democracy, their minds do not melt at the powerful’s will.

Not Protected Speech

By equating Binay to a potpourri of personalities, this opinionator is left without a conclusion to the ethical issue he presented.

It is not protected speech anymore, Mr. Padilla, when you cannot give reasons why WXYZ is equivalent to Binay. Here’s an analogy:  You would get angry if someone said your book is like the book of Weber on Page 31. One said that without support, with nary a proof given. From a Johari window, that is how you appear to the audience, Mr. Accuser. You get angry because it implies you plagiarized someone. But that is how you impress those assessing your opinion blog. You may have bulls-eyed with Binay, but you hit and run in some.

What is protected speech? The freedom of speech is enshrined in the Philippine Constitution. Article III Section 4 of the Bill of Rights provides that: “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.”

Free speech comes from facts – not rumors – and the intention must be constructive, not to do harm. There are laws to protect a person’s good name and integrity against false information. There are laws against saying or writing things to incite hatred against others because of their ethnicity or religion. Freedom of speech is not an excuse to harm others. One can always speak, but what if one comes up to demand you to support your allegations?


The right to speak means you are entitled to voice whatever you want to say. However, freedom of speech does not give you the right to anything without consequences to the law.  If you defame anyone or lie about him, there are laws to prevent that, which is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights article number 19. This Declaration states that every human being has the right to express their opinions and ideas without hindrance. But you cannot besmirch one’s reputation and cite free speech. It is said that with the right to free speech there comes a responsibility.

Missing Supports

Padilla was making an assertion without an explanation as to why audience would agree – to his equation. What are missing are reasons responsible for his claim. Reasons to arguments are beliefs, evidence, metaphors, analogies, and other statements offered to support or justify conclusions. They are statements that together form the basis for demonstrating the credibility of a conclusion. But the man was hardly reasoning out at all. After describing a scoundrel and fully showing why he thinks of him as scoundrel, he merely dropped bombs on many others innocent to his charges. One of them is Bro. Eli Soriano.

When Freedom is Bad

There is a time that freedom of speech is bad. When is that? When it is practiced irresponsibly, freedom is bad. Too often, some take advantage and claim freedom of speech and of the press and use it as a shield to hide behind. There is a misuse of freedom of the press when anything in print or other media is used to harm another, for whatever reason. There is a misuse of the press when a writer publishes what he chooses without considering the facts. Freedom of the press is misused when reporters, columnists, editors, publishers have little or no accountability for what they produce. That is what this law means.


We call the misuser of this freedom a disinformer. Unfortunately, Efren Padilla has chosen to be a disinformer – a naïve public relations man for media, while at the same time condemning innocent people. Did he do research? Did he look at his facts? Does he really know Bro. Eli Soriano? Or is he merely quoting Soriano’s enemies? Why did Soriano come to have those enemies? Isn’t it because he tells the truth from the Bible?

In fact, it is because media has become foxy that media literacy came into force to protect the public which purpose is to inform the citizens how media can work negatively and how not to be fooled.

Looking back, the reason a government should affirm freedom of the press is to enable the free flow of ideas. In a democracy, the authority to govern comes from the people. The people need to be able to freely access information and put information out for others to consume.  But media can be wayward some ways and that is why media literacy is being taught especially to the youth.

Column Writing

What is the scope of opinion writing? Columnists are opinion writers, but they do not simply write opinions. Here is the scope of opinion or column writing according to (MCM 514:19)

Anybody can be trained to write straight news because it is very mechanical. Feature articles, though also somewhat formulaic, are harder because they require good writing.  But column writing is the hardest type of writing of all because it requires good thinking.

To write a good column requires more than just the ability to articulate an opinion. Your opinions must make sense, provide insight and be convincing. And you must do this in an entertaining way.  It requires you to be almost like a lawyer. Through your arguments, you will need to convince the jury (your readers) that your client (your viewpoint) is right. Shaping a powerful argument takes practice and requires both breadth and depth of knowledge as well as the ability to critically analyze a particular issue.

It is clear that column writing is highly personalized journalism but it does not mean one can be illogical and irresponsible. Padilla’s work shows thinking tools that are poorly calibrated for any analytical work. Just from concepts alone that jump from one thing to another without showing their valid connections, it doesn’t pass for a positive teacher’s mark. Especially for one known to have written a book and the fact that an author is expected of more refined thinking than one who is merely writing opinions, one can only shake one’s head.

It is unfortunate that Padilla is as a pretentious visionary whose vision does not have a foothold on reality. When did news media ever become incorruptible?

For one making a prognosis such as looking for facts, facts, and more facts to save people from power-brag and hypnotism but never considering the system that houses his fawning compliments, there is much to say. You should have done your research, man! (Clue: Google for boycott and 37K+ supporters). And did you ever imagine that fawning could be a form of corruption too?

Padilla’s Argument

Here’s the actual structure of Padilla’s simplistic argument:

  1. Binay is a scoundrel (has moral/ethical issues).
  2. Binay is like the following: a, b, c, d, e, f, g (who are Svengali-like).
  3. The answer is facts, facts, and more facts.
  4. News media is incorruptible.

The best that the gentleman could have done is to tie his prescriptive issue to a conclusion and fix it there.

Prescriptive issue: A Presidential Candidate should be upright and proper. Lying and swearing, using God’s name is the last thing he should think of doing.

Supports: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

A: The Office of the President is the conscience of the nation, it deserves a moral occupant.

B: Swearing in God’s name does not make a lie true.

C: Binay swore lies in God’s name.


However, what Padilla did was to drag in other people aside from mixing the concepts of power-grab and hypnotism, and then finally tossed in the uncalled-for praise on media that is devoid of logic. In effect, how is the flow of connections? If this is not the equivalent of garbled wires in an incoherent’s head, what could it otherwise be?

Mere Assumptions

There is no coherent structure in Padilla’s opinion piece. From his charge of a “Svengali-like political or religious character who covets power by all means, even if it means damning one’s soul or undermining one’s sense of personal integrity,” he was only cat-pawing. Was this Binay?  Estrada? Marcos? Arroyo? Enrile?  Revilla? Velarde? Quiboloy? Manalo? Soriano? But he made an equation, right?

So all of them are deemed equivalent to Binay in Padilla’s assertion. The assertion, however, was not supported and his supposed conclusion for “the incorruptible press” to look for facts, facts, and more facts is looking for truth in reverse. He then takes a dangerous, illogical and unjust path: that of making assertions first and then calls for the press to prove his assertions.

Mr. Padilla, you have included Soriano in your accusation, right? Then prove it!

The Soriano

The only link that can be seen between Bro. Eli Soriano and “power” is that of him correcting Pope Francis in his skewed statements to an atheist. That is because Bro. Eli is well-versed in the Bible and is primarily a faithful steward of Bible truth such that he cannot let these things pass: Firstly, calling Christ a man and not spirit; and secondly, advising Eugenio Scalfari, journalist of the Italian Newspaper, “La Repubblica” to follow his conscience on the question of whether to believe in God or not.  Correcting the Pope maybe shocking to Padilla who does not appear steep in spiritual experience but to people honed in an environment that is suffused with learning, that is expected of Bro. Eli. Is that power-grab? That was rather power of knowledge and understanding at play but not power-grab.

If thousands of Catholics are leaving their Church every week after learning the truth from the Bible Expositions of Bro. Eli, that is hardly power-grab. It is enlightenment.  It is the power of the Holy Spirit in the man that can explain mysteries from the Bible. Bro. Eli does not merely tell stories like priests in other churches do. He expounds on Bible verses very well.

It is also not the work of hypnotism if people can listen to Bro. Eli for hours and hours on end for three consecutive days and more. It is rather due to the understanding of the man that is un-equalled in the entire world. Of all churches, it is only in the Members Church of God International or Ang Dating Daan as locally known where members are encouraged and challenged to think with the preacher. They do not merely listen. Bro. Eli conducts his preaching through Socratic questioning. The style is interactive – between preacher and the audience – and a group that facilitates Bible reading because every teaching comes from the Bible.

Here, there is no place for a Svengali because the culture within is characterized by questioning and answering all the time. Every week-end where there is Worship Service followed by Thanksgiving, there is a Consultation Period where any question can be asked.

To be sure, the language used in Church services is mostly Tagalog and then translated into English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so there is nothing hidden from the members attending services through satellite systems worldwide. Lately, Chinese and Japanese translations were added. There are no images around to venerate and everything is directed to God where the members are taught to worship The Almighty in spirit and in truth.

The names Padilla mentioned do not fall under a single category. Are they dictators like Marcos? Are they known as corrupt like Arroyo? What connection do they have to power-grab that Padilla implied?

Padilla is hitting fellows he does not like. The danger with his equation is that he has hit innocent people like Soriano. Surely, there is no other Soriano that is a religious leader than Bro. Eli – or a religious leader of his stature.

Now, ask the millions of members of the MCGI if that is how they see Soriano. Is he like Binay that he described as corrupt and a liar with the gall to be swearing in God’s name? Does Bro. Eli have entrepreneurship to speak of that are the product of corruption?

Between one man who cannot construct well his arguments, yet accuse Soriano whom he only knows from rumor, and the average of 1,500 people getting baptized every week from Bro. Eli’s preaching, credibility would incline more to the latter than to this opinionator. Verily, he has not even seen fit to supply a single support to his equation claim. Logos, Mr. Padilla! You have to supply it to be credible.

And to a supposed author, tsk! Of course, anyone can be an author nowadays, but not a writer. A writer would be careful about his reasoning.

Media Literacy

Why was there a need for media literacy to be taught in the first place? The premise is that media is not all the time responsible. It can give out lies or half-lies. It can be tricky. Why so? There are many factors. There are many influences that may come in between performing its social responsibilities and offers for material comfort. There are the owners of media who may want to earn profits from political ads and would like to forego rules of parameters. There are the advertisers who may threaten to leave if their rival is given preferential treatment. There are the customers with money with some demands, and the like. On the other hand, there are the audiences that can believe that whatever they read and watch are true – just like what Padilla just wrote – until debunked.  In effect, some people become victims of media carelessness or irresponsibility.

Padilla’s column is clearly confused.  It is false and hollow in most parts. Yet, let’s bet: That piece will stay there no matter what untruth it preaches. Written on  the author appears to be merely ingratiating himself to those housing his opinions. Now is the time they will know that Padilla lacks proper perspective – to even call himself a journalist. Haw-haw! Media is incorruptible? A backhanded compliment – that is rightfully what it is! An “insult” according to the dictionary.

Aside from tossing that unmerited praise to media, the sycophant clearly lacks a wide perspective on religion, more yet a sound spiritual experience. Doesn’t he know that religion cannot be forced on anyone – much less play it by hypnosis?  It appears that his search for truth – if there is – is very much behind his eagerness to write and blow off praise to those who do not deserve while he compromises the innocent. He writes –

This means that the only way to debunk lies and to uncover the truth is to research and present the facts, facts, and more facts.

Sure! As scholarly writing is, yes! That also goes for journalism – even personalized journalism like column writing. This advice is apt for you, Efren Padilla.

Scholarly writing, as well as journalism, does not exaggerate and encourage the penchant for observing adjectives only at the extreme ends of supposed binaries. There could be things in-between as one thing may not be the opposite of another. Nor is everything in superlatives or necessarily the cause of another. For example, how could Svengali-like leaders thrive in our midst? From the other extreme, how could news media be incorruptible? If there is incorruptible news media, there could still be Svengali’s – like it or not – because media is not god nor has the power of God, and secondly, because it depends upon the people if they submit to hypnotism or not. Will they? Definitely, where church services are held in Latin and where idols are venerated, there is hypnotism there because people cannot tell what is true or not.

Here are recent charges of corruption in Philippine media. It doesn’t look like Padilla has been in a cave, yet why doesn’t he know these?

Corruption in Media

Chay Florentino-Hofileṅa (1998, 2004) wrote “News for Sale, The Corruption of the Philippine Media.” This is part of the books of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ). Notice the introduction and the beginning –

No one in journalism will deny that media corruption exists. There is contention only in the extent of the corruption and the damage it causes…. This study shows both the remarkable continuity of the forms of media corruption as well as the new types of malfeasance that emerged in the 2004 campaign.” (

Fast forward to 2014, posted in is “Time to speak up about media corruption – NUJP”

In a statement, NUJP Chairperson Rowena Paraan said: “We hope that any discussion of ethics and professionalism shall encompass all aspects of the media industry as a whole and not be limited only to weeding out individual offenders. After all, for all its virtues and faults, the Philippine media is a reflection of the society from which it springs and which it claims to serve.”

This comes on the heels of a Philippine Daily Inquirer report that claimed broadcast journalists Erwin Tulfo and Melo del Prado received payoffs from the National Agribusiness Corp. (NABCOR), one of several government offices used in the pork barrel scam. (

The news said among others that Paraan mentioned ownership as well as management patterns that play a major role into why journalists “fall astray.” This is a reality playing into the work of journalists which is why one cannot say news media is incorruptible. Just like in other professions, journalists can fall astray in their work.

Already there is a dictionary for corruption in media in the country (Glossary, 2004). Just where did these terms come from if not from experiences, from reality? We have, for example, Hao siao or Warik-warik. The first is used in Manila while the second one, in Cebu. It is “a derogatory term used to refer to pseudo-journalists, those not employed by a reputable news organization but pass themselves off as journalists in order to cash in on payoffs and bribes made by news sources, particularly during elections.”

Then there is smiling money. The compilation says it is “Cash that is given to reporters or editors for no particular reason except to create goodwill between a source and the journalists. It can also be used to refer to a payoff given after the publication of a positive story, supposedly as a gesture of the source’s appreciation.”

Among many others, there is also Shepherds. These are “journalists who are either jobless or on leave from their news organizations and act as guides to reporters covering a particular candidate or party.” Shepherds are said to take care of the reporters’ needs including accommodations, food, plane fare and other transportation expenses, as well as “extras” like nights out.

Here’s a snippet of a profile interview (Magno, 2004) on Chay Florentin Hofileña on how to battle media corruption. Hofileña from the Center for Journalism, Ateneo de Manila University, is the author of News for Sale. Leo Magno was IT editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and executive editor of when he spoke with her about her latest book.

Magno: In your book, Malaya publisher Jake Macasaet said the problem with mediacorruption is that businessmen and politicians are afraid of the press, that’s why they resort to bribing journalists. Has the press become too powerful and too drunk with power en route to gaining freedom that it feels it could now throw its weight around?

Chay: There is no such thing as absolute freedom. With freedom comes greatresponsibility. The press in the Philippines enjoys tremendous freedom and it has become terribly irresponsible. This irresponsibility will have its costs as credibility is continuously eroded. Look at print – diminished credibility has affected readership,circulation and sales. This is the future of the media that insist on being obstinate and irresponsible.

Jon Joaquin (2014), the managing editor of the largest circulation newspaper in Mindanao, the Mindanao Daily Mirror in Davao City, wrote in Pilipino Express

There are enough bad eggs to spoil the reputation of the media. These are the ones who think nothing of twisting facts in order to enrich themselves, spreading lies or withholding the truth in exchange for money. Some do it passively, merely receiving grease money from their benefactors, while others do it actively, literally extorting money from hapless victims who are targeted for their so-called “AC-DC” activities — Attack-Collect, Defend-Collect. The truth suffers, and ultimately it is the people who are victimized.

Media corruption is a painful topic according to Marissa Robles (2012) –

There is one main reason why readers do not get a complete understanding of the corruption in mass media – the people in the industry don’t want to talk about it. The reason? It involves colleagues, friends, people you see and work with everyday. Apart from this, it’s hard to give names for the simple reason that there is no documentary proof. It’s the kind of practice where people don’t keep records, for obvious reasons.

Talking about corruption in different kinds of media reporting, Robles says of opinion makers –

A different set of rules is followed by newspaper columnists or opinion writers. Sometimes, columnists come from the ranks of reporters but oftentimes they don’t. They are contracted by the newspaper owner or by an editor to dish out opinion on mostly anything under the sun. Because of this, political and corporate strategists love to sit down with columnists, massage their egos and shower them with presents and favors. Some columnists are quite ethical in their dealings with news sources. Others are not.

I have been frequently told by colleagues in the industry the names of this or that columnist demanding freebies from hotels and airlines – just because they are columnists.

The point I’m trying to make is, please don’t blame reporters in general for what columnists write. Columnists are not writing hard news but their opinions and if they parrot word for word the stand of companies or corporate sectors on certain issues, then just stop reading them….

In January 2013, a Covenant Against Media Corruption 2013 was drawn. It was basically about election deals where politicians used to pay for media favors to journalists. In the covenant they are to stop doing these practices and to report of such cases when there are.  The covenant is said to be an outcome of Media Nation 9 last November 2012, an annual conference of media leaders convened by anti-corruption advocates from civil society. The covenant was signed by a diverse group that included representatives of three major TV networks and political parties and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Not long after, on May 19, 2014, there was publicized a report that some media personalities allegedly benefitted from the notorious pork barrel scam. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that some media personalities allegedly received cash gifts from pork barrel mastermind Janet Lim Napoles as shown in financial records by principal whistleblower Benhur Luy. How did the covenanters take it? The statement of the National Union of Journalists (NUJP) began this way –

Let Us Take the Bull by the Horns

We have said it before and we will say it again, there can be no denying that corruption is as serious a problem within the media as it is within government and, let us face it, society in general.

Media, after all, do not exist in a vacuum.

Without passing judgment on anyone, the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s report on media personalities who allegedly benefited from the pork barrel scam according to accounting records purportedly drawn up by whistleblower Benhur Luy comes as no surprise….

It is time that the Philippine media – and we speak not only of those who work in the news but everyone in the industry, including, yes, the managements and owners – recognize the problem and save ourselves and our people from ourselves. 

Foxy Media

So there!  News media is after all as corruptible as ever! And to preach that it is not is insane. The likes of Efren Padilla feeding the public about news media being incorruptible is already corruption itself. It can make the people believe that everything written and published is true and incontestable. The truth is, with too much entertainment from media, the great unwashed are made content and forgetful of their realities. With focus on celebrities from media, the great unwashed are taught that success is materialism, and that life is about make-up and false pretense. With games and time-consuming gift-giving programs from media, laziness is encouraged and that lining up for hours as a gamble is preferable to working meaningfully at home. With gyrating at the studios from media, the children are taught that learning from their books is painful and that the boob-tube is a better school. With gossip and exposure depending on power and exchange of favor preferred by our media, the great unwashed are all at attention, and that is about all the information they get. Add the campaign for media being incorruptible and you peddle total untruth.

In writing about, “The high cost of media corruption” in his column for Philippine Star, William M. Esposo (2012) wrote –

Planting false information in peoples’ minds is a worse form of corruption than simply giving a public official a bribe. A poisoned mind fails to properly discern and eventually makes some very bad decisions for the country — like electing the worst candidates that corrupt media promoted. The only reason why these corrupt media practitioners have not been checked and prosecuted is because legislators are politicians and are afraid of a media backlash.

What about the Filipino minds? Should we blame their kind on Svengali-like leaders like Padilla said?

Filipino minds today are over-entertained and under-informed, with a good part of the blame going to the tri-media that failed to provide its most important service. This over-entertained and under-informed state of the Filipino mind can be likened to the proverbial devil’s workshop of the corrupt media practitioners.

Marites Vitug (2012) from wrote on “Media Secrets” and began, “Are you prepared for this? Colleagues in the media estimate that 85% of us are corrupt! That’s a super majority.” That is closer to truth because the respondents are media people themselves. But according to Transparency International, only 14% of the respondents think Philippine Media is corrupt. That shows how the public is sadly ignorant of what is happening.

Accordingly, in other countries like United Kingdom, the latest Transparency International on corruption reflects that media is perceived as the most corrupt group at #1 (69% respondents), beating politicians (45% respondents). In France, media is #2 most corrupt next to political parties; and in Germany, media is #3 most corrupt, next to political parties. In Switzerland, media is #2 perceived worse than public officials, and in the United States, media is #3 most corrupt group next to government and congress.

Last Word

In helping media to know themselves better, this piece is written as reader feedback to column writing that needs CORRECTION. Following Danguilan-Vitug’s (2012) proposal for covenanters to “not get caught” corrupt as part of media’s attempt at self cleansing, here’s an advice to Dr. Efren Padilla and those like him: 1) Shun away from loose talk about media being incorruptible; 2) Increase your research and retrieval skills before you publish; 3) Don’t believe gossips and rumors for you build on falsities; 4) Own up to innuendos you have started. Support them or else apologize for your error if you made one; 5) Man up if you cannot, and face the world. When you fail to do these that is corruption too.



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  1. In short, this Efren Padilla is the epitome of an irresponsible media practitioner having demonstrated his remarkable biases against:

    1) those whom he dislikes;
    2) those he perceives to be corrupt (even w/o evidence) and therefore do not deserve the benefit of the doubt

    On the other hand, he is biased in favor of media which he considers as incorruptible. However, such baseless allegation won’t sit well with more credible media practitioners such as Tony Burman, ex-editor-In-chief of CBC News who once said: “every news organization has only its credibility and reputation to rely on”, then people as audience must always be vigilant at all times and be adept in using their power of discernment to distinguish between propaganda and real news.


  2. Efren Padilla calls himself a columnist or a media practitioner? But why doesn’t he possess media ethics? He is a very good example of corruption in media. Dragging Bro. Eli Soriano’s name in his unintellectual article proved his ignorance. He must spend more time researching than writing nonsense because Bro. Eli would never be equal to other preachers that he mentioned when it comes to preaching the truth and compassion for fellow men.

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    A column founded on rumours will only crumble compared to a write-up with reasonings built on truth. The former offers no enlightenment while the latter can stand attack with its very helpful insight.

    Dr. Efren N. Padilla should read this article and treat it as a prescription.

  4. So Mr Padilla is a doctor. Self witty and self righteous columnist who irresponsibly mentions names. A person with a scientific mind does not hastily generalizes without investigating first. Do you even know Brother Eli Mr Padilla? How dare you categorize him with the evil politicians. The group that Brother Eli leads is not a liability of the society but an asset. Check on Philippine Nation Red Cross’s records and you will see that the top blood donors are member of Church of God (MCGI, Ang Dating Daan). The daily public services that MCGI does as seen in UNTV is a clear proof that Brother Eli is not like those villains on the pulpit. In one of his articles, he praises the Catholic institutions in the Philippines. Mr Padilla is a Catholic. If you haven’t listened yet to the biblical doctrines that Brother Eli teaches and if you haven’t seen yet the many changed lives of thousands of ex-catholics who were previously drunkards, womanizers etc… but have changed because of Brother Eli’s preaching of the bible, your conclusion and decision to mention Brother Eli along with those others is irresponsible. I, for one, was once a drunkard and was a smoker Catholic but have changed and have not drunk or smoke for the past 16 years of my life since I listened to the words of God that Brother Eli taught.

    1. tower20,

      If Padilla wrote his dissertation, had defended it, passed the books required and then graduated, then he is a Ph.D. holder and is a doctor. But I am surprised at his writing. He doesn’t know how to reason out for something he had asserted. Doesn’t pass an editor’s mark.

      1. He should learn from the town crier of 1798.

        The Evolving Watchdog: There was a time when the town crier was the important person in a community. He was the person to be trusted, to be the source of relevant information to safeguard the welfare of the people.
        “In Medieval England, town criers were the chief means of news communication with the townspeople, since many were illiterate in a period before the moveable type was invented. Royal proclamations, local bylaws, market days, adverts, even selling loaves of sugar were all proclaimed by a bellman or crier throughout the centuries—at Christmas 1798, the Chester Canal Co. sold some sugar damaged in their packet boat and this was to be advertised by the bellman.”
        Now a days, they are called news media. Maybe the name was changed but the role should the same. They should still be the watchdogs: to watch, to protect, to safeguard the community from people selling “damaged sugar”. They do not sell “damaged sugar” to make a profit for themselves.
        Good morning everyone.

  5. Ginoong Padilla sana po nagresearch ka muna bago isinulat ang name ni Bro. Eli sa irresponsible na pagrereport mo. Sana magliwanag ang iyong pagiisip.

  6. I hope his experience on writing makes him more sensitive on gathering facts and substantial information to create a more vigorous article. But an irony, he is one of those people who are blinded by the ambition of promoting their own way of publications. No wonder he belongs to that network that practices the same way as he is: unparalleled, misleading and biased. Just for the sake of fame and glory he puts his feet on hot issues and involve the name of an icon like Bro. Soriano. This is the normal trend of media and publication in PH. So sad :(.

  7. Efren Padilla, kung wala kang magawa sa buhay mo, wag mo idamay ang inosenteng tao (Bro.Eli Soriano), nagpapansin ka lang dahil ang totoo ikaw ang may power-grab-attention-seeker!. walang ginawang masama si B.Eli sayo, lalo na sa mga tao. Kung gusto mo ikaw din makinig ka kay B.Eli para maliwanagan ka. Kung may interes ka sa pulitika, si B.Eli ay WALA! ang pangangaral ng Evangelio ang focus ni B.Eli. wag mo sya idamay sa kolokohan mo.!

  8. B.Eli is never like other preachers. He is very sensible and dedicated preacher with the wisdom of the bible. He is very very very different in all preachers nowadays! He is so kind and lovable and generous. He never corrupts his followers, and I am one of millions to witness to prove that.

  9. sa totoo lang, di ko kilala itong mr padilla na ito, pero sana lang bilang kolumnista ginagawa mo dapat yung trabaho mo ng maayos, magiingat ka dapat ng iyong mga salita, wag mong ihanay si bro eli sa mga masasamang lider ng relihiyon

  10. You mr padilla is irresponsible of your writings. You must investigate thoroughly first before you conclude. You are a big LIAR! LIAR! BLIND!BLIND! LIAR!!!!

  11. Reblogged this on Buenos Aficionado and commented:

    “Foxy Media

    So there! News media is after all as corruptible as ever! And to preach that it is not is insane. The likes of Efren Padilla feeding the public about news media being incorruptible is already corruption itself. It can make the people believe that everything written and published is true and incontestable. The truth is, with too much entertainment from media, the great unwashed are made content and forgetful of their realities. With focus on celebrities from media, the great unwashed are taught that success is materialism, and that life is about make-up and false pretense. With games and time-consuming gift-giving programs from media, laziness is encouraged and that lining up for hours as a gamble is preferable to working meaningfully at home. With gyrating at the studios from media, the children are taught that learning from their books is painful and that the boob-tube is a better school. With gossip and exposure depending on power and exchange of favor preferred by our media, the great unwashed are all at attention, and that is about all the information they get. Add the campaign for media being incorruptible and you peddle total untruth.”

  12. Hindi mo kilala si B.Eli, research more about Him, wag ang paniwalaan mo ay ang paninira ng ibang tao! You are very irresponsible!! Dinamay mo ang napaka-inosenteng tao (B.Eli) sa buong mundo!

  13. Mr. Padilla, it’s never too late. Admit that you did wrong and shy away from misinformation.
    Don’t get mad on people quoting you with “#EfrenPadillaIsLiar”. I could sense that they are concerned about your well-being. Hope you redeem your credibility by telling the truth.

    Remember that people who asked you to post this, DOES NOT CARE about you. Imagine, they prompted you to lie, sacrificing your profession, educational attainment and values in life?!

    I wish you well. I wish you tell the truth. Let’s not allow dark lies reign in the Philippines.

    May you find mercy.

  14. There’s nothing wrong in this, dinamay nya lang ang inosenteng tao (B.Eli). Malaya kang gumawa ng mga ganito, wag lang kasinungalingan at wag mo idamay sa kalokohan mo si B.Eli..!

    1. caren0610,

      Surely, there’s not only one thing wrong with Padilla’s opinion. While he included the innocent in his list of corrupt people, he also praised the undeserving. He praised media as incorruptible while media people themselves admit that there is corruption among them – 85% of them.

      1. they themselves dont know how to compose their selves, they are blinded by their foolishness and selfishness. The prophecy in the bible is now happening, those who are evil will be more evil and those who are righteous will do righteousness a.

  15. Truly an irresponsible columnist,how could you easily drag names… just like that! Just who do you think you are Mr. Efren Padilla? How dare you go on with your irresponsible tirades and name-dropping without even a bit of an evidence to back your claim? Do you personally know Bro. Eli Soriano to even mention his name and line him up with the corrupt and power-grabber? Do you read the minds and hearts of other people for you to be so haughty and be so certain of what you are saying? You’re just another one of those corrupt and careless media practitioners who intentionally drop names and conclusions based on rumors or just doesn’t do their research well.

    We,the members of MCGI know Bro. Eli Soriano and have seen and proven time and time again that he is not who you think he is. You should ask the right people before you make a conclusion and tell it to the public. Do your reseach well.

    1. Had he not name-dropped Soriano, would you still call him an “irresponsible columnist”? I bet no.

      Your logic:
      Journalist attacks Soriano = Journalist is irresponsible
      Journalist doesn’t attack Soriano (but may attack everyone else) = Journalist is praise-worthy

      You’re the biased one, not him.

      1. Rico,

        There was not a single support to his claim. A responsible journo would provide support. No, he is not responsible. AND your topic is Efren Padilla, not “you,” so we stick to the topic. You follow?

      2. Rico,

        We are not shallow thinkers and illogical as you think. It is your own logic not ours. If Mr. Padilla speaks the truth and do his homework with responsibility as journalist, is he contested on his words? If he do not know Bro. Eli Soriano cause he forget to do his work, better not to mention him to his list – that’s proper.

  16. Mali po kayo diyan Mr.Efren, di po gya ng maling pagkakilala nio si Bro.Eli Soriano, di po tumatanggap ng abuloy/financial n tulong sa mga bisita sa aming samahan. Mabuting tao ang aming mangangaral.

  17. May Nagawa ka na bang Ikararangal ng Bansa Mo Gaya ni Bro. Eli Soriano Mahiya Kanaman lakas mong magsulat ng kasinungalingan sayang lang ang pinag aralan mo isa ka sa nagiging dahilan kung bakit na hihiya ako na maging Pilipino Buti na lang may Br. Eli May Libreng Sakay Sa Bus Everyday Medical Mission May Bahay ampunan sa Matatanda,Bata, Ulila May Kampansanan sponsor ng napaka raming Dialysis Patient etc. kulang ang chat board kung i type ko lahat e ikaw anung nagawa mo KAKAHIYA KA EFREN PADILLA

  18. Di kami papayag na ihanay nio si Bro.Eli Soriano sa mga nptunayang tiwali at mga billionnaire preachers dhl, nagagawa nio b at ng station gma 7 mo ang,
    Everyday FREE medical, dental, optical, legal, social and most especially pure spiritual SERVICES sa kapwa tao

  19. pakitingnan po muna yung ginagawa ni Bro Eli Mr #EfrenPadillaIsLiar baka ma-realize mo ung ginagawa nyang mga pagtulong sa kapwa hindi pakitang tao lang!

  20. nagkamali kang dinamay mo si Bro. Eli Soriano sa mga masasamang tao, tanggalin mo siya sa line up sa mga sinasabi mo para maging tama ka. #EfrenPadilla

  21. ganun talaga ang buhay; kapag isang nasa media na WALANG MALAKING SIKAT NA PANGALAN ANG GUSTO SUMIKAT KAGAYA NG IBA PA EH GAGAMITIN LANG NILA UNG Bro. Eli Soriano at nakikilala na sila.. ganyan talaga ang buhay; sikat nako baka magkasponsor na…

  22. Salamat po sa Dios at may mga taong katulad mo po na handang ipagtanggol si Bro. Eli sa ngalan ng katotohanan laban sa mga mapanirang komento laban kay Bro. Eli. Very well said and thoroughly researched article! #EfrenPadillaIsLiar #MrColumnistApoligize!

  23. I bet he has not been with those people he mentioned to brand them as power grabber. He, himself, is an attention grabber at the expense of others.

  24. Magpapapansin k lang Efren Padilla, mangangaral pa namin ang kinaladkad mo, ibahin mo siya sa mga taong binanggit m,sana nagresearch ka muna para nalaman mo kung gaano siya kabuting tao,di tulad mo, SINUNGALING .


  26. tanggalin u si bro.Eli sa hanay nila. ipalit mo si manalo sigurado sisikat ka….maniwala ka.yan ang totoo.ang galing mo ha di mo sinama si manalo……alam ko na kulay mo!!!!!!!!!!!!kung hindi po aq ngkakamali…

  27. Nakakasikip ng dibdib tong reporter na to! Di mo kilala si Bro. Eli, you don’t have the right to include his name as you say as powergrabbers!

  28. “There is a time that freedom of speech is bad. When is that? When it is practiced irresponsibly, freedom is bad. Too often, some take advantage and claim freedom of speech and of the press and use it as a shield to hide behind. There is a misuse of freedom of the press when anything in print or other media is used to harm another, for whatever reason.”

    This is a coat that was written on your blog, and this is what are doing right now! I’m not a journalist but I know that every fact that what you are given to your readers you must have reliable and trustful resources or basis to include to your report. Don’t use your position or your freedom to destroy someone by accusing Him/Her a false fact or testimony!

  29. ang sabi ay Claiming is one thing proven is another thing,di ko lng maintindihan si Mr Efren padilla yung mga sinasabi nya kay bro.Eli o talagang mahilig lang siya gumawa ng katha,ganyan ba ang praktis ng taong ito ang magsulat ng mga katha….

  30. I heard about Eli Soriano, though I’m do not know him in person, but if he is really innocent with these accusations and all these legal charges against him. Why can’t he return to the Philippines then? … I’m from Nizhy Novgorod Russia.

    1. Vasily Malyuchenko,

      I would like to ask, Is being innocent in all accusations and charges can only be proven by the physical presence of the accuse? Can he be not innocent while he is out of the country and doing the propagating of God’s word as his obligation calls to? Your question is almost the same question of Bro. Eli’s enemies, (but I am not saying you are one of them), who wanted him to be stopped at all cost. Bro. Eli by telling the truth written in the Bible exposes the lies behind the false doctrines of those false religion that make their members decrease in numbers and convert to MCGI (thanks to God they were enlightened), that’s why they are too angry to Bro. Eli and want him to return to the Phils. and do their evil plans. I hope you understand that Mr. Vasily, our preacher’s situation is not ordinary case, his life is in danger, the enemies are everywhere. But if you seek truth about the Bible, Bro. Eli is visible and you can hear him in all sort of media (tv, radio, internet, paper-medium).

  31. Let’s say Mr. Padilla namedropped all religious preachers EXCEPT Soriano. Does that, then, make him a responsible and ethical columnist?
    People, your assessment of Mr. Padilla’s credibility as a journalist is based on ONE criterion only: his attack against Mr. Soriano, a person who all of you obviously worship and admire. Had he not attacked Soriano, all of you may not even care about his column, and some of you may even admire Mr. Padilla because he did not mention Soriano.

    Don’t you think that’s biased?

    Your faith in your religion and your admiration towards your religious leader should not be used to assess the credibility of other people. I’m not saying Padilla is a great journalist, but I will not use my personal belief to judge him.

    Sabi niyo masama mag-husga, yet you all call him a liar. Ano pinagkaiba nyo sa kanya?

    1. May puruhan pa RICO, na maging responsible columnist sya kung di nya dinamay si B.Eli, wag kang magsasalita ng hindi mo alam… Yeah your correct, WE admire B.ELI, Is admiring is bad? If u have a wife, don’t u admire ur wife? We just LOVE B,.Eli becoz HE is a GOOD a person! We don’t worship HIM! Just shut up ur mouth if u have nothing to say good. Isa ka pa, papansin! Magresearch ka, magsuri ka about kay B.Eli, baka pati ikaw sasama ang loob mo sa ginawa ni #EfrenPadillaIsLiar

    2. hindi kami nanghuhusga, dahil totoo ang mga sinasabi namin. Walang basis ang mga pinagsusulat nya, wag nya ihanay si B.Eli sa mga corrupt official, kuha mo? lalo na sa mga corrupt leaders of religion! Kahit kelan hindi naging kapareho ni B.Eli ang lahat ng leader sa relihiyong umiiral ngayon!kuha mo? Kahit magkampihan pa lahat ng puno ng relihiyon, hindi nyo kayang gibain ang ARAL na meron ang aming MANGANGARAL!

    3. Rico,

      Again, if he speak the truth, he will not be contested. If he do his homework as columnist specially to Bro. Eli Soriano and speak the truth, he will not be contested. The point here is he speak the other way around.

      If we not use our faith as we learned with Bro. Eli to assess the credibility of one person, what we will use then? Personal assessment? Hearsays? Other people comments? True Christian based his assessment as the Bible prescribed to use. It is the Bible who call Mr. Padilla liar, not us, for not speaking the truth, as simple as that.

      If he made mistake on saying that, he can correct his misdeed!

    4. Rico,

      YOU ARE WRONG. Did you read the whole thing first before you commented? I bet you did not. A large part of the response to Mr. Padilla deals about his charge that media is incorruptible and a large part of it is debunking that he is wrong.

      Read again before you make another mistake.

    5. Hindi niya kilala si bro Eli , yon ang punto or, itulad sa iba , at ikaw hindi mo rin siya kilala, kung gusto mo kilalanin mo siya, para maintindihan mo kung bakit, ganun na Lang namin siya ipagtanggol.

  32. dr. efren n. padilla!? kay gandang pangalan, sound Professional… Professional pala sa kabobohan, Professional sa katangahan… . sino ka na magparatang k brod eli? nakausap at nakita mo na ba siya… alam mo ba ang totoong pagkatao n’ya? hindi xya kagaya ng pagkakakilala mo… TANGA KA!! nakakahiya at irresponsible ka! ikaw ang totoong corrupt! sayang lang pinagaralan mo… ESTUPIDO KA!!

  33. Reblogged this on Amber ♥ and commented:
    Another disgrace to Philippine journalism! What a piece of garbage! You and your article can go back to the trash bin! – Stacey Tee
    Efren Padilla Is Liar. Irresponsible Journalist! Shame on you! – @mariperquinto
    Just as what the kids are saying “Liars go to hell!” – @LizaBobis
    Shame on you GMA Network for having Efren Padilla on your side!.
    No wonder because that Efren is from GMA Network!. – @mhikeSM
    If attitude problem persist, consult your parents. – DatGirl
    Lying is a form of cheating and liars are from the devil. Beware! know their true colors – @Jushierl
    Reckless use of media is like man firing gun to innocent. – @Eugene037
    Column writing is hardest type of writing, it requires good thinking, more than just d ability to articulate an opinion. – @kotawinters
    I rmber @BroEliSoriano ‘s quote “It’s better to keep quiet than to talk on things we do not know.” – @harpenz
    Efren Padilla Is Liar maybe this man is thinking that he is so powerful to carelessly name names without worries; are you a power grabber? – Bro Eliseo Soriano

  34. It doesn’t take a pundit such as Mr.Padilla to discern why he didn’t mention a false preacher who never talked to ordinary people and did charity work which in contrary Mr.Soriano is known for. Mr. Padilla is after attention, wants to pull a good man down by dragging Mr.Soriano’s name in every blog or comment field made available to him.

  35. how much prize did you receive from telling lies Mr. Padilla? You are not thinking about the shame that you brought to your relatives and friends. anyway you are a SHAMELESS LIAR like your father in John 8:44

  36. Mr. Efren Padilla, gusto mong sumikat noh? makapagsulat kalang kahit walang basihan… baguhin nyo ang ugali nyo hwag ganyan, pumarehas kayo….Doctor ka panaman…sayang ang pinagaralan mo….TskTskTskTsk!!!

  37. The tweet “#EfrenPadillaIsLiar” has just gone viral on Twitter last day and up to now, it’s clear that “Efren The Liar” has not spoken yet.

    Bro. Eli Soriano, Presiding Minister of MCGI, started many projects that helped our fellowmen and yet, he calls him “corrupt”? Efren should be out of his mind. As a PhD, he should never talk like an uneducated one – but he just acted like one.

  38. Mr. Padilla, if you’re a man, as it appears how boldly you express your claims, then I believe you should have balls! And if you’ve got balls, then prove it! If not, no one in their right state of mind, would hurt you, if you’ve got the balls to apologize and correct your misdeeds. You should never had been so irrational and baseless in your statements!

  39. The misinformation and the mishandling of news or the total irresponsible reporting of some media men are roots of FALSE OPINION as per Mr. Efren Padilla committed by naming Bro. Eli Soriano, the presiding minister of MCGI and most-awarded host of Ang Dating Daan, as power-grabber just like those he mentioned in his opinionated blog. True information is possible to get if one’s do his homework responsibly, one is by researching, not in one source but to more and credible resources. Bro. Eli Soriano is very famous here and abroad not only on his un-equaled wisdom in the Bible but also to charitable deeds he and Bro. Daniel Razon started and still on-going with God’s help. And this very important information about the preacher failed to grasp by Mr. Padilla cause he hastily inked his biased thought.

    Mr. Padilla, by not knowing the person you name-dropped on your list, makes you LIAR and irresponsible journalist. You should be very careful in using your talent cause not all readers are just shrugging their shoulders after reading your opinion- not us- cause we know our preacher, we know his struggles in propagating the word of God, we know his sentiments and we know how his enemies work to stop him. We know the false accusations and false court cases charged to him, and most of all we know that God send him to teach us, for us to acknowledge the goodness of God and His Son. Bro. Eli Soriano is one of a kind, none on this dispensation can equate the wisdom, the love, the care that he is showing to the congregation and to his fellow-men. He is not a power-grabber, Mr. Padilla, nor he envy any power that this world has. He is giving all what he have, even his own life for the benefit of one’s soul. You are grossly mistaken and you should correct the misdeed you committed – that’s responsible journalism.

  40. It is really amazing and interesting to see how people showing compassion to others, like what you are doing to Eli Soriano. For sure he’s an amazing teacher. On the contrary, many religious leaders in the Philippines, not to mention here as well want Eli Soriano cease to exist. Why human beings are capable of these thoughts and wishes?, Likewise, I heard one of Eli Soriano’s bible answers ( in English) though English is not my second language. I would say I’m speechless. Never in this world could be like this man! . Now I see why people are protecting him. By the way, do you have local branches here in Russia?

  41. Thank you very much for the information you provided. Just to let you know that it will take 5-6 hours drive from here, Nizhny Novgo to Moscow. It is a such a pleasure to meet a group of people like you and your fellow brethren. Hopefully, I;ll able to travel to Moskva and able to hear and to see your brethren and Eli Soriano himself!

  42. Very well said kotawinters. I admire the way you analyzed Padilla’s analogy, exposed the inconsistencies of his claims, and shattered every details of his arguments. Perhaps, if Padilla is humble enough to admit his mistakes, he could learn from you. Kudos!

  43. Will Efren Padilla accept Bro.Eli Soriano’s proposed debate to settle this issue once & for all? Just the two of them, one on one …..a PH.D. graduate vs. a Highschool drop-out if that’s the way Padilla wants to tag him. Bro. Eli eagerly wants this to push through to vindicate his name which Efren Padilla had indiscriminately tarnished.

  44. Media in whatever forms have great attraction to peoples’ mind especially to children and to those who had no time to investigate on what they’ve read or heard. Due to these, media formulated their own code of ethics- one of those: to avoid instilling wrong information/wrong apprehension to their audience (integrity).

    This is not the first time we read articles written by known personalities, just to attract more viewers and sympathizers on what they’ve wrote or say, misguided by truth that affect one’s opinion and believed by many as truth. Though many media-men do their responsibilities, some were not – they do not care to the consequences as impact of their wrong information to their direct audience.

    In this case of Mr. Efren Padilla, if none have guts to speak the truth about Bro. Eli Soriano whom he name-dropped as power grabber, every one who is slack to dig dipper and verify the truthfulness of his opinion will surely caught to believe such lies.

    Thanks be to God to Kotawinters and the rest of people who believe and defend Bro. Eli.

    And since the truth was heard about who really is Bro. Eli Soriano, this call is for Mr. Padilla:

    “If you are really a responsible media-man, we are expecting from you (as anybody else must do) to correct the mistakes you committed against our preacher”.

    Cause delaying the must-action prescribed by our morals is somewhat proving you did right and you did no harm to anyone- and such self-assurance is an evil pride that must be thrown implicitly. We are expecting by this time, you already weighted the evidences about the person of Bro. Eli against your unsolicited opinion – and the truth will always and must always be prevailed, the good always win the fight. Be a man Mr. Padilla, do not just close your ears and act as if you heard nothing.

    1. One student said “Don’t take him if you want to be treated fairly.” (May 15, 2004) And 30% (based on 20 reviews I have read) said Pro. Padilla is LAZY.

      What he did to Bro. Eli by name-dropping is act of laziness and unfair treatment. Laziness in gathering proof to suffice his argument that resulted in unfairness to the mentioned name who is really not as he opined.

      No wonder one student suggested this – “You don’t learn, you’re subjected to his biased opinions/self-praise, you’re wasting your time, and you’re wasting you’re money.”.

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