Bro. Eli, Pope Francis and the Squid Tactics of Roman Catholic Lackeys

By Jane Abao

Manila, Philippines (8/14/2014) – It all started with a question: Will God forgive those who don’t belSquid300ieve in him?

This was one of the questions asked by an Italian journalist to Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina or Pope Francis to the Catholics who in effect said, “Obey your conscience. That is your guide to what is right and what is wrong.”

Not long after that, media blared that the Pope said, it’s okay not to believe in God if you have clean conscience. Courtney Coren wrote it for Newsmax summarizing La Repubblica, the broadsheet where Eugenio Scalfari wrote his questions.

The Pope has lately been voicing out statements that shocked the world, including saying that he believes in God but not in the Catholic god. The Pope also has been set to task by Bro. Eli Soriano who found the Pope’s “Letter to a Non-Believer” as containing unbiblical answers.

Soriano is the Presiding Minister of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) or Ang Dating Daan as locally known. The preacher was particularly pointing to Paragraph 20 of the letter as translated in English in

The Pope’s letter to Scalfari that Vatican calls “non-believer,” said –

I now wish to address the three questions from your article of 7 August. I believe that in the first two questions, what interests you is to understand the attitude of the Church towards those who do not share faith in Jesus. Above all, you ask if the God of Christians forgives those who do not believe and who do not seek faith. Given the premise, and this is fundamental, that the mercy of God is limitless for those who turn to him with a sincere and contrite heart, the issue for the unbeliever lies in obeying his or her conscience. There is sin, even for those who have no faith, when conscience is not followed. Listening to and obeying conscience means deciding in the face of what is understood to be good or evil. It is on the basis of this choice that the goodness or evil of our actions is determined.

Vatican documented the 2,500-word piece dated 4 September 2013 as “Letter to a Non-Believer: Pope Francis Responds to Dr. Eugenio Scalfari, Journalist of the Italian Newpaper La Repubblica.” Critiquing the response, Soriano said, among others, that the conscience of man is not a correct guide to the question of believing in God or not, because there are men whose consciences have been seared.

In Soriano’s blog in titled, “The Greatest Fallacy of the Roman Catholic Church Ever,” the preacher also contested the Pope’s statement that Jesus is not spirit but man. There are parameters to truth where some truth are time-bound said the preacher. In other words, since the statement was said only recently, “Jesus is not spirit; he is man” can no longer be true.

Among the items that Bro. Eli pointed out is the Catholic’s false belief about Trinity where there are three persons of equal status.  Not true, Bro. Eli said, because the son said in the Bible that, “the Father is greater than I,” and the Bible is an authority on this matter.

Searching for Truth

Searching for truth is one of the most novel pursuits of man today. But one needs to be serious about it because it has to do with an “end” question, “What will happen to me when I die? Will I be saved?”

The common denominator between Bro. Eli Soriano, Pope Francis and Scalfari is searching for truth, one could safely say – but not for apologists whose preference is placed on defending royalties, come what may. The man – not the message – is their focus.

To advance some more, those leading the churches need to be fully abreast of what is true. That in essence was the statement that Bro. Eli wanted to make when he was critiquing the Pope in teaching someone that Vatican called a non-believer. Hence the statement, “I am advising the Pope – if he accepts advises – to be more biblical in his pronouncements for the sake of more than a billion souls that look up to him as their leader.”

Bro. Eli is in fact fascinated with the new Pope as the latter proves to be cleansing the Roman Catholic Church – is in actuality creating its collapse – to come back to truth. This is what Soriano said in his blog.

We have members in Argentina who are former Catholics. I am thanking God that after the so-called ascension of the present Pope to the alleged throne of Peter, Argentines still strove to leave the Catholic Church and join us to be members of the Church of God International! I am happy for them in the sense that Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina caused the greatest collapse in the history of the Catholic Church when as present pope he pronounced that Jesus Christ is not a spirit but human!

Use of Reasoning, Discourses

The Word of God is the final arbiter above all things if we have to stick to truth. And for using truth to argue, to reason out, one must believe in truth himself.  To stay in the domain of truth, one must, himself, serve truth. Would anyone in his right mind refute this?

At other times, fidelity with truth may even necessitate detaching oneself – like give up serving what one used to believe in as “truth.” This is not very far to imagine as in the resignation of popes.

Blessing from God

Despite truth not laid readily on the platter for man, he is blessed to have been given the wisdom and the opportunities to know truth. But it is not like lying down under an apple tree and waiting for the apple to drop to one’s mouth. A man of God that would preach God’s word must study, practice, and apply principles found in God’s book. Above all, he must be above reproach so that no matter how small, no matter how insignificant he is in the eyes of people, he is someone justified in God’s eyes to handle his words. Not everyone is worthy to do that.

A lazy man, for example, that refuses to read his Bible will not come to understand anything. A braggart cannot win in an argumentation or discourse without studying how to keep away from fallacies. A so-called priest who does nothing but shout out curses to anyone criticizing his beliefs is not a priest in the real sense. An apologist that uses materials other than the word of God for what is true is not a careful apologist.

If one practices more on tricks to mislead the audience with corrupt communication rather than finding out what is true, he is but a paid hack, a hired lackey to ensure status quo that someone may hold on to dear power. For example, the Pope’s pronouncement about Jesus not being a spirit but a man as the bone of contention should not lead to anywhere but there. Stay there and resolve that thing. It should not lead to yourself and your pompous biodata.

Recently, someone calling himself Lay Person Scripturist (?) tried to hi-jack a supposed work-in-progress, using the blog of “Splendor of the Church.” Bro. Eli Soriano was advising the Pope to be more biblical in his pronouncements in his blog in This so-called “scripturist” who obviously has no gifted knowledge about scriptures came forward to brag about his knowledge of Hebrew and Greek. He was challenging Bro. Eli to prove his recommendation of the KJV as the better Bible. Someone’s pronouncements had suddenly metamorphosed into better Bible. Was that the issue? How did it come to that? This is clearly squid tactics at work!

Lay it on the Table

For anyone thirsting for truth, one should take extra care that one does not adhere to personalities but to God and his word. When Bro. Eli was finding issues with the pronouncements of Pope Francis, he was laying on the table these pronouncements for examination: firstly, about following your conscience as guide to belief or non-belief in God, and secondly, about Jesus being man and not spirit.

Why was he doing this? Preachers should continually study and examine information around just like other professions do. Bro. Eli said handling the words of God is most delicate and should not be simply toyed with by people who make business out of it. More so, use it for power.

What should be done now as proper, when things are on the table? To discuss these to find out the truth according to the final arbiter – the word of God.

So now, is conscience a proper guide to what is right and what is wrong? Is Jesus a man and not spirit? These are questions the world should be able to discuss – with saneness of mind, like adults who care for themselves and for others. These questions need answers, and it is but proper to discourse on them – especially with the Roman Catholic Church leaders. When Bro. Eli blogged about this, no one stood up for the Pope – in the proper way. Attempts were all spent at tearing down Bro. Eli as if the Pope would stand right if they do.

The Lackeys: Rise of Greenhorn Defenders

What happened was that someone in tow, identified only as “Lay Person Scripturist” posted “A Response” to Bro. Eli. That was quite expected. The problem was that he deflected from the issue and trained the discourse on himself and about what he knew about Greek and Hebrew. It was a decoy, all right, to draw the attention away from Pope Francis and his pronouncements.

The comments below the blogs called Bro. Eli all sorts of names. No one said anything against the Pope; neither against the personality of the blogger.  The page belonged to the Catholics. “Lay Person Scripturist” is hardly a name. But since he was blogging on the blog of Padre Abe Arganiosa’s “Splendor,” he was deemed to be speaking for the Church – until his words betrayed him. Duane Yan is after all just a lackey. Is that his real name? No one knows for sure. He is not open about his identity.

As it is, Greenhorns or Tenderfoots should stay in their proper places and that is to study AND THINK– instead of trying to cover up for their elders. Until they are ready, it will not do any good as shown in this example. Instead of facing the situation, apologists for the Catholic Church only showed their lack of character.

Pope Francis can very well speak for himself. The Bishops of the RCC can speak for their beliefs and defend them instead of a lackey doing it. This early, the corrupted thinking of the “scripturist” seems to say that covering up for a leader is preferable to searching for truth. That is heroism to him.

Duane Yan’s Fallacies

Google is everybody’s friend. That’s how we came to know the full name of this so-called Scripturist – if that is really his true name. Does Duane Yan or Lay Person Scripturist live scriptures? Read scriptures? Study scriptures? A scripturist is defined as one who is strongly attached to, or versed in, the Scriptures, or who endeavors to regulate his life by them. That is what the dictionary says.

Duane has not shown anything about being a scripturist – through his demeanor or through the contents of his discourses. Anyhow, the following is an analysis of Duane’s first blog with all his fallacies. The statements in quotes are his, and the fallacies he committed are set in bold. The author takes the pleasure to comment as reaction to his fallacies.

A1) Ad Populum Argument. Duane opened his Blog 1, “A Response to the Attack of Eli Soriano against Pope Francis” with a claim –

“It was jealousy that forced Eli Soriano to come up with this article.”

That’s an appeal to the RCC mass. However, the claim for a jealous Soriano was not supported at all. He did not give evidence as to how Soriano was jealous (of the Pope?) and in what terms Soriano could be jealous. Instead, his subject was the Pope.

A2) Non Sequitor. Duane came up with the charities of Pope Francis as if to say that Soriano has no charities since he doesn’t speak about them, or that he does not know about them, or that the Pope does them. It doesn’t follow that because Duane is ignorant of the charities of Bro. Eli that there is no charity to speak of from the side of Bro. Eli. Or because the Pope does charities, then Bro. Eli has none.

A3) False Analogy

“The teachings of a preacher who uses verses cannot save people if he does not follow the will of God.”

There is no debate here; it is true for everyone. The comparison is a false analogy since it is being used as support where there is none to support. This supposed claim is not a claim at all, but Duane makes it appear to the audience that he is talking about Soriano, and that what he is saying is true.

A4) Diversion

“The real problem is the malicious thinking of the Leader of Ang Dating Daan who cannot explain the Hebrew Alphabet. The leader of this ADD does not know the Greek language.”

What was the issue? The pronouncements of Pope Francis.  So why did it suddenly shift to Hebrew and Greek language? So that the so-called Catholic defender can cover up the errors found in the Pope’s words. No one came up but him – a “scripturist.”

One cannot run away from what is true and replace it with another. Your knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek alphabet cannot be the topic when no one brought it up.

A5) Strawperson Argument

“Now let us give Eli Soriano the Grammatical Analysis of John 1:1…..The question is does Soriano know Greek Grammatical Analysis?”

Was there a need for this? The contentions are on the pronouncements of Pope Francis. Why did it come to teaching Soriano of Greek Grammatical Analysis? You simply ignored Bro. Eli’s actual position and substituted your distorted, scheming misrepresented version of his position. Will teaching Greek Grammatical Analysis to Soriano show the way if Pope Francis is correct or not?

A6) Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (After this, therefore this)

“They challenge the Pope since it is impossible for Him to give importance to these things. That is why Soriano does all these impossible things so the debate will not push through.”

Duane Yan, you are indeed egoistic!  What debate are you talking about? You claim to have sent an email asking for a debate? Was there an answer? A letter or an email is said to have been received if there was a reply. And since Bro. Eli found fault in Pope Francis words, does that necessarily lead to a conclusion that debate with you is being avoided, and so the preacher needed to do that? How egoistic can you get!

Well, here’s something you have to know about Soriano: Bro. Eli attends to millions of people everyday aside from doing his own studies as preacher. So he has to divide his time for more important things. Not every email then gets a response.  If there is none, the answer may be no or later.  What is known is that Bro. Eli does not discourse with a lackey like you. What he likes is leader-for-leader since the leader knows best what doctrines his church carries. It is doctrines that are the meat of debates, not Hebrew or Greek language. You claim to be Lay Person, so stay with Lay Persons. The policy is that anyone wanting to debate with Bro. Eli must have authority from his leader.

What is a debate? Merriam Webster defines it as “a contention of words or arguments as a regulated discussion of a proposition between two matched sides.” Two matched sides, it says. At least, Duane should approximate if he has the mettle to deal with Bro. Eli. Knowing Hebrew and Greek does not guarantee that one is competent in reasoning, what more with measuring truth from different angles? You first blog already committed many fallacies. Is this a guarantee that you can handle a debate?

Duane’s second blog was more insulting. It was titled, “A Response to the Response of the Coward Leader of Ang Dating Daan.” Let us check again on his fallacies. The words enclosed in quotation marks are his. Fallacies he committed are set in bold.

B1) Distraction. By this time, Duane or whoever he is, has misled his audience to forget about Pope Francis and his pronouncements.  Or so, it seems. In summary, Bro. Eli found issues in the Pope’s statements about following conscience to believe or not believe in God, and that Jesus is not spirit but man. So now, the focus is on Duane, himself, and his supreme knowledge of Hebrew and Greek. How did it jump from one topic to another? This Lay Person Scripturist inserted himself. What he did was distraction. He had tried to make the people forget about looking for truth – because now he had shifted the topic from Pope Francis’ unbiblical pronouncements (Argument of facts) – one that he could not answer – to a Coward Soriano (Argument of evaluation – personal). In sum, he was running away.

B2) Emotive language

Soriano knows very well that I am a Lay Person. You are aware that I have contacted you last February 2014 via What is your purpose to claim that a person wrote this when you know that I was the one who challenged you to prove that the King Version is truthful to the Original Language? Are you just getting the attention of our members to show that you are fighting? You are a liar to show that a priest wrote this article.”

This person sees himself as the center of the world. When you are someone leading millions, you won’t have time to remember every email that comes along the way. The staff handles those emails first and then consults with management about time and priorities and other related concerns.

But this person who staunchly comes forward to do squid tactics looks at himself as the all-important person at the moment. Is what you call “lying” that hard when you cannot even come out with your real identity? That blog, “Splendor” has long been Abraham Arganiosa’s. You just popped up at the moment Pope Francis is being talked about.

The Pope doesn’t need anyone like you to cover for him. Already, you have the gall to call Bro. Eli as coward in all your impertinence and simplistic attitude in looking at scriptures. If you attach yourself to scriptures, you must make sure you do not soil its reputation by showing your brazen self-assurance that you know everything as to cover for the Pope! You could have at least waited for the Monsignors, or the bishops to do it and not you! For sure, they know better to respect people unlike your glory-seeking self.

Bro. Eli was not born yesterday. So many people would like to be associated with Bro. Eli through a debate – win or lose. Just having debated with him is already a feather on their cap. So do not think that Bro. Eli does not practice discernment with these people asking for debates. Your proposal alone as limiting the debate to a Hebrew language with no one understanding what is happening already marks you as a social climber that is hardly one looking for truth. Why should he waste time on you? Your tail is showing; tuck it in, please! Enough of your social-climbing at the expense of Bro. Eli.

ADDRESSING YOUR VIDEO: It now appears that you have forced your way into a Church locale for a hidden agenda. In your email that you said was sent last February 2014 (retrieved just this week), 1) You were asking for a debate; 2) You were asking that you may bring a video.

Since you were not even granted a debate, how come you have a video entering a church locale? What is your motive for doing that? To show that no one wanted to debate with you? Shallow trickster! Only your kind can be tricked into thinking that no one in the world can face a great Duane in a debate! It is easy to fool people, but no matter how many videos you post, a thinking mind will still examine the veracity of those posts.

Anyone wanting to know about truth is welcome in the Church locales of MCGI. Unless you went there for an evil purpose, you are most welcome. You need not present a video to create something that is not true.

B3) Ad Populum Argument

Why will I not be proud of the Pope when he did many good things?”

The blogger is courting the audience to rally behind him, but there is no need for this. It is not an issue that Pope Francis did many good things. No one is fighting that. This is yet another proof that this fellow does not merit the time of Bro. Eli for a debate. It will just be a waste of time. He doesn’t know where to place himself arguing through blogs; what more in a formal discourse?

B4) Either-or Argument

The question is do you really know Hebrew? If you are capable, then come out for an honorable debate.”

By this time, one can sense that this person is really pitiful. It’s either you know Hebrew or you are not honorable. It’s either you know Hebrew or you are a coward. It’s either you know Hebrew or nothing.

Bro. Eli is right in ignoring that email. This fellow has nothing between the ears and will only waste his precious time that can be used for others.

B5) Slippery Slope

You will do everything that is impossible so the debate will not push through.”

Duane, if you had been a student, you may have learned that you cannot force your teacher to pass you; you have to show you merit her passing you. The same with anyone having the stature of Bro. Eli. He can afford to choose who are worth debating with. If there is no challenge and he can see that you are just going to waste his time talking about dictionaries that no one from the audience will understand, then create your own opponent. That proposal of yours is of the devil.

How can you claim that Bro. Eli would even waste time thinking about you and how to dodge you? Look at his debate records. In the space of four years from 1995-1998 for example, he had a record of 4 debates each year. Now, it is becoming less and less especially in foreign lands because these debates on video are all over the Internet. Challengers are withdrawing that there are times the tickets for Bro. Eli and his staff have been bought already and the venue paid for.

Oh, my! Bro. Eli doesn’t even know you exist and there you are, accusing him!

B6) Strawperson Argument

“I will repeat. I am challenging you to an honorable debate to prove that your highly recommended King James Version is truthful to the original language just like you said in the video.”

What Bro. Eli said in the video is not the same and identical as what Pope Francis said that “Jesus is not spirit but man.” That was one of the issues.

You are lost, young man! You can improve your ability to reason by familiarizing yourself with the kinds of fallacies that you have committed here. Improve your reasoning; formulate effective arguments and maybe someday, Bro. Eli can consider you as worthy to waste his time.

The meat of Apologetics work, as in others, should be in searching for truth and not swallowing up a load of unverified cache, and then fool the audience with corrupt evidence. No! There is no high pride that we need to cover up when it comes to truth. What Bro. Eli said about Pope Francis and his pronouncements were not yet answered. Unfortunately, you are not the right person to answer for them, given your performance.

What We Can Learn From the Comments

All is not lost if we can learn something from the load of comments. You don’t see Duane Yan defending what he said nor explaining himself. But you see the members of the Roman Catholic Church actively responding to commentaries or simply throwing stones. Some 90% of the comments were attacks on the person of Bro. Eli. Most were rehash of what the Iglesia ni Cristo would accuse the preacher of. Duane’s “A Response to the Attack of Eli Soriano against Pope Francis” reaped 260 comments as of August 10, 2014. His “Response to the Response of the Coward Leader of Ang Dating Daan” reaped 175 comments as of August 11, 2014.

From the two blogs of Duane aka Lay Person Scripturist, people called Bro. Eli names and threw him accusations not fit to see in print. Some even had usernames that are godly-sounding like “Ang Tunay na Kawan” (The True Sheepfold”) but the language is most foul. Against Catholics, the usual attacks are those that deal with idol worship but are ignored by them or replied to with a counter-attack. Idol worship of Catholics? Answer: Soriano is rapist, extortionist, plunderer, deceiver, scum of the earth. This has been the mantra of the Iglesia ni Cristo and is now in many forms being used by the Catholics against the preacher. That is because Bro. Eli up to now criticizes false beliefs during his Bible Expositions that are aired world-wide almost every week through satellite. Obviously, he cannot stop doing that because people ask him questions and he has to answer. Critiquing false beliefs is part and parcel of the work of a preacher of God. It helps in the propagation of truth.

What is to make of these comments? A Church leader can benefit from reading them. They are a show-window of what can be done. Management-wise, one can readily see how the church that he is leading has formed the persons from what they say. Has the church taught these people anything? If the church they are defending is good and true, how come the language is that filthy?

In the teachings of Bro. Eli, saying fool and shameless is not wrong if the person is really a fool or shameless. It is telling the truth and there is the need to change pointed out. This is not applied, however, by a brother to another.  How about the Catholics? Looking at their comments, much can be said about Catholics: they don’t study their Bibles (“I was born a Catholic; I will die a Catholic”); they have not been taught respect. But happily, from the exchanges, one Catholic member was actively pushing for a debate to resolve issues (“I want to know who is lying; let’s have the debate”).

Here’s a proud Catholic named Alwin Bobis from the University of the Philippines talking – with a misplaced sense of martyrdom.

That’s how to be a Catholic! Non-afraid, courageous and above all, full of wisdom… Go and multiply! We are behind…. ALWAYS! (Posted 7:44 am, 8/8/2014 on Coward Leader).

If Catholics can bite bullets and powder in Nigeria, Egypt, Europe and in all persecuted-Christian land…. Eli Soriano is peanut (sic) in comparison…. For those who truly love Jesus, even martyrdom is a song. (Posted 7:47 am, 8/8/2014 on Coward Leader).

The most appropriate comment that goes along the line of thinking that we espouse comes from a John Cardenas from Systems Technology Institute. There is no pressure seen to defend his religion or his leader. He posted –

According to the Bible, there is a way to find out if the preacher is of God or not.

John 7: 17-18 (KJV)

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory; but he that seeketh his glory that sent him, the same is true and no unrighteousness is in him.

We need to weigh in the Biblical truths here, not the image of the Pope or even Bro. Eli. I am with you that this [sic] debate will be able to tell the people who is telling the truth. (Posted 11: am, 8/8/2014 on Attack Against Pope)

You can be sure John Cardenas learned this thing from Bro. Eli. This verse is frequently repeated during his Bible Expositions in the Q&A portion. It is also often discussed in Church gatherings. “The characteristics of a preacher of God” is one of the most discussed topics of Bro. Eli, either standing on its own or interspersed with other topics.

Authority to Speak

From the side of Bro. Eli, a Joemar San Jose, presumably a deacon, insisted on knowing about “authority to speak.” Who is authorized to speak for RCC? Is Duane authorized to speak for the whole of the RCC? Where can we find that authority spoken of? Where is it written? After a lengthy exchange (about 55 exchanges) with a certain Jay Pee of the RCC, it came out that a Bishop can give authority for his own Diocese – but up to that only. Duane cannot speak with authority for the whole of the RCC.

So what then is the use of jumping to a claim for debate if even his Bishop does not arm Duane with authority? Further, the purpose of a debate is finding out what is true. You would be a fool to debate using dead languages like Greek and Hebrew to find out truth if you can do it in the language of people hearing you.

But why do we use Greek and Hebrew dictionaries? To find out the intended meaning. But that is not all. You must know who is speaking so that you can gauge the meaning more closely.

Just because you know a handful of words in Hebrew or Greek does not give you the upper-hand. There is still God who guides his words and those he had appointed to use them. Therefore, the supremacy is not found in language.

To Be an Apologist

It is good to be an apologist but it depends on your apologetics. Merriam-Webster defines apologetics as “a branch of theology devoted to the defense of divine origin and authority of Christianity.” The term accordingly was first used circa 1733. This gives us an idea that certain truths on Christianity (Read Roman Catholic) have been in place as dogma as early as this period. Because they are dogma, a thinking mind should still check.

Experience reveals that some truths are time-bound. As new truths come in, the old ones found not working should go as wisdom reveals. Therefore, an apologist has to be open-minded and quick to check his facts. One need not swallow dogma – that is clear. The critical part is in having to defend someone you look up to as a leader when he makes a mistake. Did he indeed make one? Your task is to check, at the same time checking your thinking tools as well as your faith. There’s something we have to remember, however: Whoever is given the wisdom, to him we give the honor – to lead us into truth.

Everything an apologist does lies on his faith, but it does not mean blind faith. If you are sure your faith stands on solid ground, then your work is not that hard and there would be no inner conflicts. But if in your mind, the one you have to defend is in error, you are in for a quandary.

Debate on TV All That’s Needed

Duane Yan in “Splendor of the Church,” or whoever he is, said Bro. Eli is jealous and that is why he wrote that blog on the pronouncements of Pope Francis. The Pope really said those pronouncements as covered by media and Vatican documents.

No matter how Catholics pelt stones on Bro. Eli, it won’t change matters. Pope Francis said those words. He even said he believes in God but not in a Catholic God. It is because he has come upon new truths. Should there be things to settle, debate on TV is all we need.

ADDENDUM: There were two other responses that just came in. Abe Arganiosa’s post dated August 12, 2014 will be dealt first.

Every single word of the Catholic Priest Abe Arganiosa is in all capitals beginning with his title: “MAMA ELI SORIANO TOO COWARDLY IN HIS ALIBIS; REFUSES DEBATE CHALLENGES.” Aside from that, he topped it with a photo-shopped photo of Bro. Eli, presenting him as a clown.

For the many years that Abraham Arganiosa had been blogging, he has obviously not learned that any piece of writing one does is to persuade the reader of the truth of what one says. Therefore, there is what is called pathos or feelings of the audience. There is also ethos or the writer’s character as the readers see him as believable or not. More important, there is logos or proofs to confirm factual evidence. From what he had exemplified in his response, he has nothing of these three.

His post is a perfect example of a heart shown inside out. I pity this priest. Beginning with his filthy language, his cursing, and the things that make him laugh with great pleasure, I would not want any of my loved ones to come near this priest. Is this the one that should talk to you about God and his goodness?

Abe Arganiosa, the whole of your post is garbage! You do not even care what readers think of you; neither do you care if you are polluting people’s homes or not. And did you hit the point? You were talking about Bro. Eli shying away from debates and that is way off the mark. Was that the issue? There’s just one thing you need to know, perchance you can still wake up: You stink! That’s the truth of it! Priests as leaders should be examples and you are a poor one!

Just to tell the world that Pope Francis never makes mistakes, you yourself turn into a werewolf and bare your fang? That is what you do actually. It is not an intelligible way to handle arguments. You banner that Bro. Eli refused a debate challenge? When was that? And to whom is he a coward?  As a priest, you have to be careful of your words. Did you banner that just to show that you have done something for Pope Francis?

If Bro. Eli is a coward, why does he have the guts to correct Pope Francis? That alone puts you on the defensive.

Secondly, from your title alone, Abe Arganiosa, you are already lying. You used emotive language to rally your people. If I call you Auntie Abe, fair enough? Auntie Abe, the Photo-shopping Catholic Priest Shouts on the Internet.

Finally, I will spare you your fallacies. You do not appear teachable anyway, and discussing them won’t help. Just be ethical on the internet. Do not post on all capitals because that means shouting. Then, how come you do not know that photoshopping, or specifically placing one’s head on someone’s body, is unethical and even criminal? You just did it to Bro. Eli and his people may complain.

Aloysius Kayiwa

Next came the August 12, 2014 post of Aloysius Kayiwa titled, REFUTING ELI SORIANO & HIS FELLOW FALSE PROPHETS ON THE DIVINITY OF CHRIST. This is part of the responses to Bro. Eli Soriano in Splendor of the Church blog of the Roman Catholic Church that for a long time has been Arganiosa’s turf.  The blog is now tagged as Catholic Apologetics.

Kayiwa is not a Filipino. He is a Ugandan, a former Pentecostal, and a correspondent of Splendor in Africa. He posted a very thick discourse but the thickness is deceiving. He dwelt on many topics that Bro. Eli did not mention. Written at the top is the following:

“Going back at the school of the Fathers: St. Athanasius battle; nicea and the defence of the apostolic faith – the figure of athanasIus at the centre of the fight against the arian heresy. A fundamental question for Chistian experience, yesterday as today. Deepening awareness of the trinity and refuting the false teachers Eli Soriano and Iglesia ni Manalo.”

Mr. Kayiwa, if you are an apologist, you must know what to do. Process this thick thing in order to respond properly to the issues set forth by Bro. Eli Soriano. Bulk cannot daunt nor fool those with thinking minds. They will still examine what you are saying despite your much padding. If you were my student, I would ask you to re-write, cut off the first nine pages, and begin on Page 10. That is where you began to talk about Bro. Eli.

Remove extraneous material and do not force Catholic materials which have no credibility to others because they are not scriptures. For example, what does Bro. Eli care about your St. Athanasius, his battle and Nicea? Are they in the Bible? The Iglesia ni Manalo is also not included here. That surely is not the way to argue. Go simple and attack the issues presented and that is the pronouncements of the Pope.

Like the others, you mention many things that are only true to you. I will just show you some of what you said:

In his first line, Soriano says that: “Now, if the son is equal to the Father and the Father is a spirit, it follows that the Son must also be a spirit!” This is a bogus statement confusing the nature of God and cancelling out Soriano. Notice how he confuses the Spirit to be the Father and the Son and not Himself. Soriano does not know what “equal” means and he confuses the nature of the one God and through misapplying and torturing Scriptures to support his erroneous views.

If Jesus is also a Spirit like His Father as Soriano says, why does the Spirit come on him during Baptism by John the Baptist?

Resolution for this is a televised debate. When you go, try to repeat these lines you wrote and let us see if you can win. I am not an expert on these things but I have already learned something from Bro. Eli that is not in you. You suffer from the negative effect of drinking from loads of lies. Just from believing all those so-called saints and making them your gods already deceive your minds. Your thinking is veiled whereas God’s truth is simple – for those who are not idol worshippers.

Another one –

So Soriano gets it wrong in confusing the Spirit as being the Father and the Son. The Spirit is God himself – God the Holy Spirit.  When the Church asks us to bow our heads on hearing the words of John; ‘The Word became fresh [sic] and dwelt among us,’ She is calling us to pray homage to the goodness of God Who loves man so much as to become, Himself, the Messiah He had promised to the Hebrews – the Messiah who would be at one and same time, God and man.

This falls under the same thinking, the same error. Try to mention this again in the debate so that you can see why you are not correct. But this one below is what you really have to prove. Let us see who among you and Bro. Eli is the “charlatan pretending to be wise.” Prove yourself! Before you spread your heresies from Uganda to the Philippines, stand up and be measured!

This is your statement –

Enter in Soriano – a charlatan pretending to be wise

It is dishearting [sic] that although the Church Fathers sacrificed their lives to defend the fundamental Christian Faith against heretics, new false teachers, which the Scriptures warn us about, are coming up with wrong teachings. One of them is Eli Soriano, the founder of Ang Dating Daan cult aka Church of God International in the Philippines. Soriano has no shame in torturing, misapplying Scriptures and fooling people. In one of his latest articles in his blog, he accuses Pope Francis of calling Jesus a man by arguing with cynical statements that Jesus is a Spirit because God the Father is Spirit quoting John 4:24 which forces him to argue that –

“Now, if the son is equal to the Father and the Father is a spirit, it follows that the Son must also be a spirit!”

In reality, Soriano does not know what he is arguing against.

A ‘straw man’ argument defines a person’s point of view inaccurately, and then attacks the misrepresentation…

Aloysius Kayiwa, what you are accusing Bro. Eli of, is actually what you are doing! Your claims are based on a cache of your saints and relics. Those are not found in the Bible! If you agree to a debate, that “charlatan pretending to be wise” can be uncovered. I guarantee, that is you!

But have we forgotten what Bro. Eli was saying about Pope Francis? No! When you began your arguments with a human being (St. Athanasius) rather than God, you were building on shaky ground. Your understanding then is veiled.

Indeed, some people are not searching for truth nor are thinking anymore. Some prefer to drink from a cache of lies passed on from their forebears. But if you read the latest pronouncements of the Pope, they show that even he has not stopped thinking and is for changes. In the Pope’s interview with Eugenio Scalfari, La Repubblica’s founder (, 2013/10/01), the Pope was talking about how the Roman Catholic Church should change. In his exact words, he said there is “The leprosy of the papacy.” The Pope was using a metaphor, of course, but he is in effect saying that not everything is all right with the Roman Catholic Church.

Author: kotawinters

After the path of truth wherever it leads me.

45 thoughts on “Bro. Eli, Pope Francis and the Squid Tactics of Roman Catholic Lackeys”

  1. One is presumed right – until another one comes to disprove him. If no one speaks up, the last is considered telling the truth.Let us speak so that truth will be known.

  2. Now, this is what a real response is. You can really notice the difference in how a Christian who is being taught in the Church of God argues and discusses VS how those catholic apologists in Abe’s blog defend their leader and erroneous doctrines. This proves that you can reason well without photoshopping. 🙂

  3. This is one intelligent, ass-kicking and honest way of reviewing the malicious attacks and fallacies of false faith defenders!

    1. bart sison,

      There are many ways Bro. Eli can answer an allegation or a question – physically or through technology like the Twitter and Facebook, through his blog, or through his Bible Expositions. But those who would want to kill Bro. Eli want to see him physically on the pretext of asking a question.

      Ever since Bro. Eli was being persecuted that he had to leave the country, God blessed him with many open doors in other nations. Many internationals are getting converted to the Members Church of God International. The Philippine Church is also reaping many converts and every week there are baptisms of about an average of 1,500 persons. That includes those from the Roman Catholic Church whose minds were awakened. So check your attendance because many of your former brothers are with us now. They found out why your priests and apologists are bad-mouthing Bro. Eli. It is because he reveals your false practices.

    2. bart sison,

      One way of knowing the truth is thru reading. We can read our Bible, and see for ourselves if what Bro. Eli preaches is biblical.

      Bro. Eli has been defending the truth for half a century and is still fighting for it with God’s help. Persecutions by the enemies have led him to more opportunities of preaching abroad. Bro. Eli is always around for those people who really seek for the truth; he’s on the radio, TV, internet, print; you can even ask him personally on Twitter. He has the obligation of defending the truth, not only here in the Philippines but worldwide.

    3. bart,

      Bro. Eli is defending the truth for so long, with his basis, the Bible. It is the opponent that tortured the truth, the truth is widely & boldly written in the scripture but they choose to follow their OWN doctrine and not of God. The results were very clear, fallacy!

      If not with Bro. Eli who zealously following the ordain of God, we will not learned any of these.

  4. I truly admire how organized is this! This is what you call a professional response. Saying everything with evidence and logic; not just blabbering nonsense, bragging like “he” has the ability to debate Bro. Eli. ssD! 🙂

    1. jerel, when we reply, we try our best to exemplify how we had been formed through God’s words. Some throw street language and do not even mind to hit the point. Some do it with all arrogance – with thick pages that are way out of topic to impress their people that they are responding but really not.

      The way we reply also points to the kind of Church we belong to. Have you read how the Catholics commented in Splendor? That is what I mean.

  5. When one truly seeking for truth, he is ready to listen and to learn. But some proclaiming themselves christian, apologists, scripturists, etc,-their action speaks louder what their truly is. We are free to defend our belief but FALSE Faith should be ended. The blog of Mr. Abe as I have read them before is an example of hate-blog, full of cursing, shouting and very disrespectful.

  6. Sis Jane, It is true that the catholic priests does not follow the Bible alone.

    I also had a discussion with a salesian priest named John Paul G Rasay, also in splendor of the church webpage dated from August 9 – 10 2014.

    Throughout the discussion I learned that the catholic faith does not only follow the doctrines in the Bible – John Paul G Rasay commented that:

    “Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scriptures are two foundations in the Faith of the Catholic Church. other religions deny the importance of tradition when they themselves have their own practices of tradition?” – August 9 at 10:21pm

    I just noticed he was asking me regarding on their sacred traditions that the roman catholic practiced for over 2000 years and maintained the tradition up to now, in which we cannot find any Biblical basis…

    His last comment to me was:

    “hi, John. i’m really sorry if i’ve offended you. i didn’t mean to. i wanted to show you that the ‘Sola Scriptura’ doctrine is insufficient in itself – that its interpretation must go with Sacred Tradition which for over 2000 years the Catholic Church has practiced and has blossomed amidst persecution, heresies, and corruption.”

    Please feel free to check my discussions with this priest (John Paul G Rasay) po for the basis of what I’ve posted here in the comments section of your blog and please pagsabihan nyo po ako kung may mga mali po akong nagawa o nasabi sa mga posts…

    Salamat po sa Dios at naging maliit akong kasangkapan katuwang ng ating mga mangangaral…

    1. Bro. John, I was not able to read all the comments because the one I asked to print thought I did not need them. I was also in a hurry to draw my response. Thanks for giving me this. Let us see if that priest can come here and post.

  7. Attacking Mr. Soriano with personal insults and unrelated comments and responses just proves that they don’t have the brains (or the balls) to respond properly. I cannot even fathom how egoistic such defenders could get, trying to dare Mr. Soriano to a debate when they have not even addressed the real issues at hand! To say that ‘not being knowledgeable about Hebrew and Greek is a sign of incompetence’ is totally stupid. Does he mean to say that everyone who were born Hebrew and Greek are already competent to talk about or explain the bible? and everyone who was not has no right to understand the truth in it? I don’t even think that Duane Yan IS Hebrew or Greek. If he is such a fan of those languages to a point that he thinks it is the only important basis, then how would he defend that the RCC is using Latin instead of Hebrew and Greek? Oh, I know why..because he does not know how to address the right issues. He is swerving on his own road and dragging other people in it. He should take notes from this blog, both from its format and its content. If he cannot blog properly, how can he even stand up against a debate? tsk.

  8. They cannot beat Bro. Eli so they just malign him viciously, showing to the world who they are.

    Well, they maybe capable to speak various languages -Hebrew & Greek (granting w/o accepting), but talking without wisdom is nonsense at all. Our goal is to reach the TRUTH, both parties must DISCUSS the very ISSUE(s) . Bro. Eli did his part already in his very educational blog. So the next thing we are expecting to be done by his opponent is to affirm or to dissent what Bro. Eli said on the issue.

  9. This alone make sense. Who is then the true coward, the accuse or the accuser?

    “If Bro. Eli is a coward, why does he have the guts to correct Pope Francis?” -kotawinters

    1. je,

      Sure I will counter that. I read that this morning already. I am just giving time for this post to have wider reach.

      That blog is so confident about their being universal church but they are not careful – beginning with their spellings>> THE CHURCH THAT SPREADS CHIRSTIANITY IN THE WORLD<<

      Notice the spelling of Christianity. They also use street language.

  10. The best and only way is for the Pope of the RCC to have a televise or website debate with Bro. Eli Soriano using the Holy Scriptures/Bible as the basis. Let the world know that there is at present a church leader who is reading answers to questions and problems direct from the Book of the LORD [Isaiah 34:16] and was already prophesied in the book of [Daniel 12:4, 9-10] “but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” This prophecy shall happen at the end times when “many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” [Daniel 12:4] which is definitely our time now.

  11. Aloysius, together with his fellow commentors, do not clearly understand the point of argument that Ma’am Jane is emphasizing. I pity those people. I was also wondering if Pope Francis is aware of this article or it is just the Pope’s members that were aware. As per CNN news today, he went to South Korea. Is he not bothered by ADD attacks and his desperate members like Aloysius doing the defending? An army without a general is subject to fall.

  12. The more this Aloysius Kayiwa spread hateful blogs against Bro. Eli and ADD, the more attention it will get, people who will read his blog will investigate, will search, who is Bro. Eli and what is his teachings that Mr. Kayiwa is crying so hard to malign him.

  13. This is what I noticed to splendor’s blog, they accused Bro. Eli of torturing, misinterpreting and fooling people but they show no evidence. What blog of Bro. Eli is deceiving? what verses have tortured and misinterpreted?

      I, myself is not against the person of anybody, everybody has right to believe, but we are against the false belief. Fallacies of religion were exposed bravely by Bro. Eli Soriano despite of malicious attacked of many. He had been threatened for long and until now, for preaching the true gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Bro. Eli done nothing wrong to Mr. Kayiwa nor to his companion, but the way they talk against him is below the belt. If you’re going to read Bro. Eli’s blog and listen to his preaching, you can tell by yourself if he’s saying the truth or not. Be more investigative fellow readers, we have basis to discern the truth and the false, the BIBLE will tell it so.

      REACTING to something whether it is hurtful or not is VERY ORDINARY, especially when reaction made is to refute FALSE ALLEGATION against someone. It is not ARROGANCE as Mr. Kiyawa is trying to imply in saying keeping quiet is a sign of humbleness when hurt.
      It is always DEFEND on the situation Mr. Kiyawa why a person will keep quiet when in pain. But most people, when in pain, the tendency is to shout to be heard! But in my opinion, Kotawinters is obliged as a Christian to SHOUT what is the TRUTH about Bro. Eli, his teachings, the MCGI, and exposed YOUR false accusation. A sign of true Christian!

      It seems “jealeousy”(Acts 17:5) is the mode of this blog by Mr. Kayiwa, embracing Mr. Priest’s style, (just remembering the Ha!Ha!Ha! mode). I also noticed that Mr. Kayiwa is very happy of doing manipulated photo as seen in front of his blog dated August 18, 2014, it actually tells who you and your companion are. So sad your brain was corrupted so fast. Is not photo manipulation a BAD BAD idea? Ain’t your pope or superior teaches you about that? How about Mr Abe, have he not reminded you not to distort a photo especially if you want to tell the truth? How could apologetics and claimed Christians approve such act?
      How can your readers believe in you, where in the very first place you are a big LIAR!

      Mr. Kayiwa and his companion been hurt so bad by Bro. Eli’s blog, debunking Pope’s pronouncement ‘Jesus is not a spirit, but a man”. Bro. Eli by simply applying their (RCC) owned- material, the DOCTRINE OF TRINITY, crashes the pope’s statement so easy. And aside from this, Bro. Eli, as we all know, use Bible verses that prove such pronouncement VERY VERY WRONG and MISLEADING!
      It happened that MR. Kayiwa cannot absorb the truth written in the Bible and the contradiction of his belief. That’s why he’s here, talking too much of his saints and history that cannot be found in the Bible. See now who is hallucinating?
      Friendly advice, Mr. Kayiwa, READ the Bible instead, so your mind will not be stored by too much trash coming from your man-made canons and non-Biblical reading materials. It will not make you WISE in the eyes of God.
      Fellow readers, did you know that “garlic and onion” can be found in the Bible (Numbers 11:5), but Agustines , Athenaues, Iraneous, etc is nowhere to found in the Scriptures. Are we going to defend our faith in idols?

      Mr. Kayiwa, by hardly understanding the Bible, event think that Bro. Eli will accuse someone in the Bible, false by calling Jesus a MAN. Bro. Eli disagreed with pope, true, but it does not follows that he also disagrees with John the Baptist and the Samaritan woman by calling Jesus a man.

      What an unsound reasoning by Mr. Kayiwa in this quote of him,
      “Notice that in the 2 verses above neither John nor the Samaritan woman called Jesus a spirit.”Behold, the Lamb of God” John does not say; “Behold, the Spirit of God” but goes ahead and says; “After me come a MAN who ranks before me”, he doesn’t say “After me comes a spirit…” Similarly the Samaritan Woman says; “Come, see a MAN…”she doesn’t say “Come see a spirit…”
      Mr, Kayima, they are not like you whose mind is blinded by idolatry! Spirit cannot be seen by human eyes. Where in the world you think they will say your imagination? He also mentioned:

      —-John 4:24; God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
      —-Nice try Mr. Soriano but this verse was not written to explain the nature of God. It is a misapplied Scripture. In that verse, Jesus shows that the material worship at the Temple in Jerusalem will be replaced by a more Spiritual interior worship, at the same time he aims a blow at those who hoped for a greater temporal Messianic age.

      Misapplied scripture? Where? When? That God is a Spirit? What is He in your mind Mr, Kayiwa? I think your understanding in the verse is this – GOD is the SPIRIT. Just to make foundation to the TRINITY, Mr. Kayima is leading his readers that for him is a fact. And yet he is accusing Bro. Eli misinterpretation of verses. He quoted:”Notice how he confuses the Spirit to be the Father and the Son and not Himself.”
      I think, it was Mr, Kayiwa who is confused and misinterpreted John 4:24 and he is putting his lies to Bro. Eli mouth.

      Please readers, be patient in investigating Mr. Kayiwa’s blog for your own soul’s sake.

  14. Catholic priests wasted a decade of their lives just studying “theology”. But what have they learned about the scriptures? Nothing! They still teach according to their meager understanding. Why can’t the Pope defend for himself? It is such a shame that the leader of the Catholics can’t find courage to say a thing about his non- Biblical statements. I can strongly say that today only Bro. Eli preaches according to the Bible and no matter what all his detractors will do and say, a fact will still remain that no one can put a good man down.

  15. COMMENT # 2

    This is a comment for Mr. Kayiwa’s latest blog dated August 19, 2014. The Title itself, tells who really they are and what they’re up to – to malign Bro. Eli Soriano.

    As anybody who is trying to refute something, a careful investigation is a must. By reading Mr. Kayiwa’s post, it seems he forgot to do his homework and just listen to what his companion had to say.

    The following is the hallucination of Mr. Kayiwa, until now he is badly hallucinating:
    1. Dating Daan Member think no further —-

    Mr. Kayiwa, I suggest you give some of precious time in reading testimonies of MCGI, not only in the Philippines but also abroad, in writing and in videos.

    2. Bro. Eli is selecting verses—-

    Mr. Kayiwa really did not know what he is talking about, and who is he talking about. No open-minded readers will believe in this accusation especially when that reader had heard Bro. Eli’s preaching.

    3. Criticism of other religions is not a sign of love —

    Mr. Kayiwa had easily forgotten that Lord Jesus Christ criticized other religions. Is that follows Lord Jesus Christ shown not love? Is not a true preacher will preach and speak in the manner that God’s want? Why Mr. Kayiwa questioned this? Simply because they preach and speak NOT in the manner that God’s want, in a manner THEY want.

    4. Soriano’s teachings are false —-
    Bro. Eli teaches this – John 14:28
    While Mr. Kayiwa and his companion believe that Jesus and God the Father is the same person. Is Mr. Kayiwa believes then in the belief of ‘Oneness’? Who is blasphemer then?

    5. The Bible calls Soriano a liar —-

    Baseless accusation!
    Mr. Kayiwa read Isaiah 9:6 and insinuated “the mighty God, the everlasting Father, is also the Father God. Is that correct or only interpreted by Mr. Kayiwa by himself? Sorry Mr. Kayiwa, your interpretation is incorrect!

    The word of God is not contradicting words! You must understand that and believe on that. The only contradiction here is the mind of Mr. Kayiwa. Do you want to know the truth about that verse? I suggest you listen very carefully to Bro. Eli Soriano.

    Lord Jesus Christ – the mighty GOD, the everlasting Father
    Father GOD – is the ALMIGHTY GOD, the GOD the FATHER

    Is not God the Father greater than our Lord Jesus?

    6. Bro. Eli is not frank nor bold—-

    The very example of Bro. Eli’s frankness and boldness in preaching the gospel is Mr. Kayiwa and his companion who disheartened so hard.

    For those who know Bro. Eli, this accusation of Mr. Kayiwa is pointless! Are you hearing yourself Mr. Kayiwa, RCC spread Catholicism and not CHRISTIANISM. We’ve been in RCC for long time and we had never learned the things we learned in MCGI. RCC teachings have many flaws. The true teachings are flawless! Pure! Biblical! And we found those flawless doctrines in MCGI. True church does not commit sin, but your previous pope says your church committed sins – killing and burning people at stake. Is he wrong is saying that? Tsk..tsk. tsk..

    (see The Foreign Post, March 16-22, 2000, Vol 8, No. 370)

    Catholicism is different from CHRISTIANISM. To be Christian is to follow Christ, his commandment as written in the Bible. Christ promised he will go to the preacher he will sent always and even unto end of the world. (Mathew 28:20)
    The commandment of Christ is all written in the Scriptures, we will not be misled if we follow and keep those commandments. We can discern preachers nowadays if Lord Jesus Christ is with them and teaches them. We are told to try every spirit:
    I John 4:1
    Because there is one that sent by God among others. And it is NOT the pope of Mr. Kayiwa.

  16. Bro. Eli’s message was simple. The Pope, considering himself as a religious leader, should make Biblical pronouncements. If he can’t, he’s not worthy to be called a messenger of God. He doesn’t even include verses in his responses. Even his so-called defenders couldn’t help him; they just bury their faith into further shame. What are they countering? That Bro. Eli’s comment was wrong? Then all they have to do is present the verse as basis for their leader’s statements. However, they don’t do that (because they have nothing to present!). Instead, they resort to attacking Bro. Eli’s person. Pathetic. Unprofessional. Unethical. Not Biblical.

  17. The other person that trembling so much in pain and shame as far as the post is concerned dated August 14, 2014 in their ‘slendor’ claiming that it was a response to Sis. Jane Abao’s “Bro. Eli, Pope Francis and the Squid Tactics of Roman Catholic Lackeys” is none other than the priest, Mr. Abe A.

    He is trembling so much and no other way to counter Bro. Eli’s arguments regarding pope’s pronouncement but to post his old-style, malicious and un-respectful style of blogging against the person of Bro. Eli and now Sis Jane Abao. How poor this priest is, scarce in wisdom but full of sarcasm!

    The poor and wisdom-less priest said that Bro. Eli is hiding because of the rape case —-

    I said: If Bro. Eli is hiding, why people see him worldwide in 1000+ satellites, heard him in television and radio, watch him in live-streaming in internet? A simple logic yet the poor priest cannot comprehend. And for your information priest abe, as if you did not know the reason why Bro. Eli went abroad, he was send by God to preach the true gospel worldwide. It seems you really love to talk about the rape case fabricated by INC, have not you Mr. Priest? And in your dirty mind, Bro. Eli is guilty already. For your information, the Bible said ‘the wicked shall not understand…’ and so why Bro. Eli understands the Bible? If you do not believe about that prophecy it is your lost not ours.

    The poor and wisdom-less priest said that Bro. Eli’s followers are blind—-

    I said: I am myself is spiritually blind when I was in the Catholic Church, but when I heard the preaching of Bro. Eli, I knew it is God who preaches. To cut the story short, I was blind before but now I can see. Many members of MCGI were catholic before: drunkard, killers, drug-addict, gossiper, womanizer, money-lover, self-centered, idolaters, etc. – but now after hearing Bro. Eli’s preaching – they are godly and faithfully serving the true God of the Bible.

    The poor and wisdom-less priest said that sis Jane Abao is shallow –

    I said: That’s why you joined forces to malign Sis Jane because of her shallowness? Who will believe you priest? If there is one stupid and all malicious names you had called to Sis Jane and Bro. Eli, it was you splendor1618 aka Abe. A, you are stupid because you listen to devil, only devil have the guts to do the things you have done in your site, it’s the devil who hate people doing good and it’s the devil that create false doctrines, he is a LIAR. And you are following the likes of the devil. Am I wrong in thinking you are son of him? You still have time to think priest.

    The poor and wisdom-less priest said that Bro. Eli claimed he is a great debater —

    I said: If you have evidence that Bro. Eli claimed that he is a great debater, show It! If you cannot – you are indeed a great liar spendor1618, you put your lies to Bro. Eli’s mouth, shame on you.

    Bro. Eli, is indeed a great debater but he never claims he is. He knows where to stand. The footages of his debate with other sects and claimed-Christian denominations are proof that none can beat him Biblically speaking. Bro. Eli has the guts, the style, the knowledge and wisdom to be a great debater of this time. Just get a permit to your pope poor-priest and bring your balls in the debate, if you have balls to carry.

    The poor and wisdom-less priest said that Bro. Eli can answer all questions thrown at him —

    I said: I do believe Bro. Eli said these lines instead, that he can answer all the questions thrown at him regarding religion and salvation the Bible have an answers. Anyway all questions thrown by the visitors in Bible Exposition as far as I know were all answered by Bro. Eli, even those not related to religion and salvation, and most of the visitors who asked questions were catholics. They are asking because the priest cannot respond Biblically. They are seeking for the best advice – advice from the Bible – word of God.

    The accusation of this priest against Bro. Eli is baseless and hopeless. This priest is righteous in his own understanding. This priest is too jealous of something that wicked cannot have. This priest cannot accept the fact that the preaching of Bro. Eli is spreading worldwide and MCGI is growing everyday.

    Wake-up Mr. Abe for your soul’s sake!

      1. mas maganda po siguro kung kayo ang mag-debate ni Abe Arganiosa, ma’am… para malaman na natin kung sino talaga ang astig!

      2. bart sison,

        Wala po rules na sinusunod si Abe Arganiosa. Gaya ng kung ano ang issue. Ang issue po ay kung ano yong pronouncements ng Pope na crinicritique ni Bro. Eli. Doon po ang umpisa – hindi po kung ano ang gusto ni Abe. Kung ang tao ay nakikipagdiscussion dapat po may disciplina. Kasi po ang objective ng isang talakayan at hanapin ang totoo. If you do not follow rules, wala pong patutunguhan ang usapan. Gaya po ng ginagawa niya. Name-calling lang. Kahit po ang ano ang tawag niya sa akin at kay Bro. Eli, it does not change the truth. You cannot win an argument by name-calling. EPITHETS gaya po ng Mama Eli, Charlatan, Mababao, etcetera to mind-condition the audience won’t lead you anywhere.

      3. hi ma’am kotawinters… baka pwede pong kayo ang mag-set ng proposition and rules for a valid debate to ensue… i’m sure po na magkakaroon nang magandang palitan ng argumentation and refutation sa inyong dalawa…

  18. “Obey your conscience. That is your guide to what is right and what is wrong.”

    Hopeless to defend the pope by priest Abe in his pronouncement, the priest had to coat the claim that the Italian journalist has no proof or evidence (video or recorder) that testified the truthfulness of the said pronouncement. From the blog:
    The Pope’s letter to Scalfari that Vatican calls “non-believer,” said –
    I now wish to address the three questions from your article of 7 August. I believe that in the first two questions, what interests you is to understand the attitude of the Church towards those who do not share faith in Jesus. Above all, you ask if the God of Christians forgives those who do not believe and who do not seek faith. Given the premise, and this is fundamental, that the mercy of God is limitless for those who turn to him with a sincere and contrite heart, the issue for the unbeliever lies in obeying his or her conscience. There is sin, even for those who have no faith, when conscience is not followed. Listening to and obeying conscience means deciding in the face of what is understood to be good or evil. It is on the basis of this choice that the goodness or evil of our actions is determined.

    The priest cannot escape on this statements, he is just misleading the readers by calling Bro. Eli and Sis Jane of all sort of names that pointed on him. But the truth is, the pope really said that. And he opened the rape case again, he really like rape cases didn’t he?

    Everyone has the right for his own opinion, why not Bro. Eli on his Biblical opinion. Do not forget your pope is a public figure, a leader – a spiritual leader for many Catholics. What an escape when you said that it is useless for the pope to explain using the Bible if he speaking to non-believer? Are you saying that quoting the Bible is useless if you speak to non-believers? Is the Bible made only to believers? Are not the ultimate goodness and pure conscious are found in the Bible, where GOD’s word are written? Or your pope cannot rely on the Bible for he do not know how to engage if he speaks to non-believers?

    You know Mr. Splendor, it is UNETHICAL to anyone to call a man an idiot if he know nothing about him. It is UNETHICAL and UN-BIBLICAL to anyone to give high regard to a fool but is not and vise versa. And if you do not want to be contest by anyone, do not speak something that is contestable. In the beginning of your blog you are implying that Scalfari is a liar being an atheist and later on you are telling he is an intellectual heavyweight like your pope. Is this mean, a liar is also an intellectual heavyweight? Just asking.

    Hey Priest, Bro. Eli need not to pretend he is knowledgeable –cause his knowledge is illuminating in every corner of this earth. He need not to write Scalfari for an interview or whatsoever in your mind because he is so busy preaching worldwide. If Scalfari need to know about Bro. Eli, about religion and faith, he can just turn on his media devices and presto he can hear Bro. Eli, he can ask questions about faith, religion, etc. Whatever Scalfari’s doubt, no-doubt that it will be answered by Bro.Eli. And I know you know that as well, you are just denying the fact.

    In a world of lies, truth are not welcome, they maybe expose sooner, and that will be the end of line. This priest unwanted the truth to be heard, cause he is living in the world of lies where he is one of the propagator. The Biblical opinion of Bro. Eli is very unwelcome to these people who do not want to see anymore. Sorry Mr, Priest, you cannot stop Bro. Eli in doing so, because he is after the soul of many people that are blinded for so long, for his mission is to open their eyes.

    The priest said, there is no fallacy in their doctrines —- maybe in their dream. Well if we talk about the fallacy of Roman Catholic Church, they were numerous. Since this priest claimed that RCC developed its education, science, arts, music and literature that make them champion in logical reasoning, analytic studies and deductive analysis – no doubt why their doctrine is not of God but of men. Cause the truth where your logical thinking and reasoning will be based comes from the east. The sun shines in the east and not in the west. Christians comes from east not in Rome.

    “He believes in God but not in the Catholic god.”

    Whether it is Catholic God or Catholic god, the pope believes not.
    I do not know why the priest is so damned to understand this. Why in the world Pope Francis said that if there is no comparison at all. Come on Mr. Priest, your pope is comparing two things here, the God and the Catholic God. Whether your creed started to ‘I believe in God…” you cannot change the meaning of what pope Francis had been said that made media shocked. Actually I do believed even you are shocked to death on this, you are just denying. You know Mr. Priest, whether your pope is the greatest professor of the greatest university on earth, the truth remain the same. Whether he is the greatest man on earth alive, the truth is “the wicked shall not understand but the wise will”. We really do not care if your pope’s book is best selling, cause if not, you should be very worry. Bro. Eli need not to compile or write a book cause the BIBLE tell it all. He is preaching the Bible. How about your pope?

    Mr. Priest, the more you degrade Bro. Eli, the more he is elevated by many. He maybe undergraduate or no degree in any university of men, but still the truth is – he has given wisdom to preach the word of God. And no preachers today have the guts to debunked your pope’s pronouncement. And no preachers today have the guts and the knowledge to preach the true gospel of Lord Jesus Christ worldwide. You know nothing about him but to malign and call him vicious names that only devil’s advocate can do. You are a shame to your congregation splendor1618, whoever you are, whatever you are. I am sorry to say this to you, but I will still say that you deserve God’s punishment when that day comes if you not change your heart.

  19. I would like to post my comment on splendors blog dated 8/26/2014:

    1. First is the challenge of Bro. Duane to Eli Soriano or Any member of ADD who are willing to appear in a neutral place for a gentleman Debate.

    It is all said. Sensible indeed! By reading the link below (or this blog), for wise readers, we understand why Duane’s demand is HOPELESS.

    But hey, I have an idea for Mr. Duane if he is sincere to open the eyes of people. Since Mr. Duane is hastily requesting a gentleman debate with Bro. Eli but cannot get an authority from his pope or higher superior:


    Mr. Duane, if you really wanted to prove your brothers and sisters in faith and in the world that you are good in Hebrew and in Greek and that of recommendation of Bro. Eli is wrong, why not make a video or a blog proving yourself and of Bro. Eli is wrong in saying that the best English translation (truthful to original language) of the Bible is New Living Testament and Modern King James Version? Does not knowing the truth (if it’s a real truth) gave you an obligation to inform everyone that you think is misled by Bro. Eli since he made such recommendation? Why not tell us what version is the best English translation and truthful? And tell us why do you say so?

    Jas 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

    I am hoping that your listeners and/or readers will understand what you are talking about and will sure get piece of good advice for their soul’s salvation. Peace!

    2. Second is the response of Bro. Duane to Eli Soriano against the statement of Pope Francis.

    I though Mr. Duane will wronged Bro. Eli, but what he did is he backed-up Bro. Eli in refuting pope’s pronouncement “Jesus is a man” when Duane show us this “Person of Jesus, who is true man and true God.”

    Duane analyzed the video to prove his point – to prove his pope’s point – that Jesus is a man, not a spirit. In the video:

    Pope’ said: He is the intercessor, the One who prays, pray to God with us and before us. Jesus has saved us, He gave us this great prayer, His sacrifices, His life to save us, to justify us: we are righteous through Him. Now he’s gone, but He still prays. Some ask, Is Jesus a spirit? Jesus is not a spirit! Jesus is a person, a man, with flesh like ours, but full of glory. Jesus has the wounds on His hands, feet, sides, and when He prays to the Father He shows the price of justification, praying for us, as if to say: Father, let this not be lost! (Link:

    Thank you Duane for showing this video to us, so loud and clear! Your pope is indeed telling that Jesus is a man, with flesh like ours. Jesus is a man even he is gone. His homily is about the humanity of Jesus even he is gone. NO WONDER, Bro. Eli will not keep quiet on this kind of pronouncement. It contradicts the Bible! Poor Duane, he just gave Bro. Eli’s blog a lift instead of refuting it.

    Duane wrote: When Pope Francis was saying “Jesus is not a spirit”, he is actually being faithful to the teaching of the bible.

    Oh my, this man is lost! The pronouncement is unbiblical and yet still faithful to the teaching of the Bible? Mr. Duane, you are grossly blinded!

    Duane wrote: If you believe that Jesus is a spirit, you are actually saying that Jesus does not have a flesh. BUT HE DOES. And if you go back and read what the Pope was saying in his homily, you will find out that he was actually talking about the essential value of the flesh of Jesus for our redemption. Jesus came in this world in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16).

    Now you are assuming wrongfully Mr. Duane. Your thinking is not the same as ours. We believe that Jesus is a spirit and not a man. He manifested in flesh. And as of this moment he is not in flesh anymore as your pope’s homily and your own conclusion.

    Duane wrote: Remember that when Jesus roused from the dead he was not a spirit or a ghost he had an actual body.

    The Pope said, Jesus is a person, a man, with flesh (body) like ours but full of glory. Isn’t this what glorious body actually mean?

    So to Mr. Duane, an actual body = glorious body = flesh = man = not a spirit. How could be it glorious if you still have arthritis and all sort of illnesses since you are still in flesh (can feel pain/sorrows/etc)? It absurd and it is not glorious either.

    Duane wrote: This interpretation is far from relevant in the topic if we use much clearer translations from 16 So then, from this point on we won’t recognize people by human standards. Even though we used to know Christ by human standards, that isn’t how we know him now. (CEB) 16 So from now on, we do not look at anyone from a worldly viewpoint. Even if we once regarded the Messiah from a worldly viewpoint, we do so no longer.(CJB) 16 From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh.Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer. (ESV) Are you still shock? The Pope maybe just too deep for some non-Catholics, so that he is misunderstood.

    DEEP? Is that deep already? You just use other translation and for you is it deep? Your pope homily is not deep nor shallow, it is MISLEADING! And he misunderstood the Bible and the followers as well.

    Duane wrote: Or some non-Catholics are too shallow that they cannot understand a basic Catholic homily.

    WE understand so much that is why we LEAVE your church. It is false.

    Duane wrote: Just an afterthought, have you seen the faces of those who were watching the video, none of them appeared to be shock at all. It was basic catholic catechism. They understood exactly that there was nothing new in what the Pope was saying.

    Actually Duane, they are not watching the video, they were present at that homily, you blind! Yes they understood exactly that there was nothing new, cause from the very beginning of your church you propagated false doctrines, whatever comes now is also false. That is basic logic.

    Luk_6:43 For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    Let the Pope speak for himself, nice try Duane.

  20. This is the continuation of my comment to splendor blog dated 8/26/14:

    3. Third is the response of Bro. Duane to attacks of Eli Soriano against the Catholic Church.

    Ahahahha..LOL! Duane, what are you doing? Who understand you by writing all of this stuff? You are speaking in the AIR man!

    1Co 14:9 So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air.

    Try to refute Bro. Eli by posting Hebrew words? WHY NOT EXPLAIN so everybody will understand? But if you cannot refute by explaining your point in common language, the Bible has something to say to you, Mr. Duane:

    1Co 14:28 But if there be no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church; and let him speak to himself, and to God.

    Whatever translations you use, your Church is idolaters! You cannot change the fact that you worship graven images.

    You know, the more you boast yourself as superb in Hebrew language the more you look fool to wise readers.

    If I were you, I will follow the Bible’s advice. KEEP SILENT!

  21. paano mo nasabing Idolaters kami nakita mo ba kaming sumamba sa rebulto hahahahahaa sige nga prove it… stupid.. masyado kayong nagpapaniwala sa sugo nyong
    bakla hahahahahhahaa

    kung matapang si eli soriano umuwi sya sa pilipinas harapin nya ang lahat ng asunto nya pati rin si manalo duwag pala sya eh hahahahahaaa

    1. Para ano, salubungin ni amurao gaya ng sabi ng mga ministro ni manalo? kung matapang ang mga kalaban niya , usapang aral lang ,debate,malaman ang totoo yun ang katapangan..

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