Are We Now Going to Give the Country to Bloc-Voting People?

By Jake Astudillo

Manila, Philippines (UPDATED April 21, 2013) – It’s election time again! Are we now going to give the country to bloc-voting people?

The effects of bloc voting in the country have never been at a scale felt by those being victimized by it than now. The key here is the impact of a command of unity that leads to an exchange of favor where favor has nothing to do with truth.

Bloc voting has long been a practice germane to the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) as a doctrinal concept. However, such doctrine of unity is not based on the Bible but only in Manalo’s mind according to International Evangelist Eliseo Soriano, the foremost critic of that group.

Eliseo “Eli” Soriano, Presiding Minister to the Members Church of God International (MCGI) or Ang Dating Daan as more popularly known by its Radio-TV program, has been filed case after case by the Iglesia ni Cristo using members excommunicated by Soriano.  These people have gone to the INC despite the radical differences in belief beginning with the deity of Christ where the latter (INC) believe he was a mere human, will remain a human, and will appear again as a human and not God.

In an article written by Bro. Eli titled The Knowledge Of Counting Is Wisdom dated July 28, 2010 in his multi-awarded blog,, he traced the beginnings of national interest in this so-called religious group that has morbid interest in politics. Bro. Eli asked his countrymen to learn how to count.

He said it all began with numbers apparently faked by Felix Manalo since the 2 Million population count of the INC members is many times over the total number of Filipinos in 1953.

Such number shocked politicians right away to court their favor. Until now, their numbers game is being played by the INC and largely helped by their members in media. In 2010, a lady newsreporter of the Philippine Daily Inquirer started the myth about the INC registered voters as ranging from 5- 8 Million. Read “registered voters.” That is not even talking about membership. Just with brackets, it is too big for an educated guess work. It is more of a political ploy. But with that millions, why can’t they win?

Arlyn dela Cruz was identified as an INC member who apparently had quickly learned from INC history how the numbers game had helped build the empire of the Manalo’s.

Asking his countrymen to learn how to count, Soriano said people are getting deceived into believing that victory in the national elections is owed to the INC bloc-voting practice. He pointed out examples where the INC failed. Here are some examples of those failed endorsements of the Iglesia ni Cristo – at the national level:

In 1992, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) endorsed Danding Cojuangco to Presidency. Danding landed only as 3rd in the final counting of votes. Six years later, in 1998, the INC supported Joseph Estrada who failed to continue his term.  On May 10, 2007, Michael Defensor, Ralph Recto and Vicente Sotto were endorsed as Senators by the INC but they lost in the 2007 elections. On May 5, 2010, the INC endorsed Mar Roxas as Vice-President but he lost. Again, on May 5, 2010, Raffy Biazon was endorsed by the INC as Senator but he lost. In the same year, on July 22, 2010, the Iglesia ni Cristo supported Manny Villar for  the Senate Presidency but he failed to win.

Walden Bello in 2010 wrote about local INC leaders selling promised bloc votes to local candidates in Bulacan. He was then running as a Representative for Akbayan. Or is it a command vote? Alex Magno of Philippine Star calls this more of “command votes.” As practiced by the INC it is command votes, he said, “evoking sad imagery of witness voters and omnipotent political lords.”

Whatever you may call it, the INC had perfected this practice by declaring candidates to support only a few days before the actual casting of votes – when the most likely candidate to win is already palpable. They then appear to have exerted some influence when the candidate wins, who usually would call in to thank them.

As discussed by Preacher Soriano, this bloc voting syndrome has affected the country as exemplified by politicians’ sycophantic bestowal of favors to the Iglesia ni Cristo. There is the obvious hope of abbreviated efforts in having to troop to their chapels for endorsement during election time.

In an interview with Bro. Eli recently, this is what he said –

“It’s an undeniable fact that the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is meddling in government affairs but firstly in placing people in government. They do this in their tricky neat way of saying they helped you win by some calculations they made a few days the win is palpable. With the blessings of a command vote, the fate of the politician is sealed, tucked with a gift of promise in an exchange made in the dark.                                    

“Even in the appointment of justices in the Supreme Court, the INC has not seen it fit to keep off – much to the dismay of the “common tao.”     

“If the INC is that numerous that can assure the victory of a candidate, logic dictates that they, given the chance, will want to directly govern the country.

“Why until now are they afraid of fielding their own candidate for a national position, like an INC candidate for senator or vice president or president? The reason is that if their very own (INC) candidates lost, the people and their candidates will discover the truth  or the one nearest to the truth: the paltry or insignificant total membership of the INC. This can prove that they are not as numerous as they claim.

“How? It is due to their injunction that a member that will not vote for a chosen candidate will automatically be excommunicated according to their book, ‘Ministerial Code and Ethics.” See?”

It is not a secret that candidates for elections beginning with the president troop to the chapels of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Public news have it that politicians are asked what they can contribute to this church group – before elections or after.

The INC is also known for their job-placement efforts for their members much akin to fraternity systems, the knowledge of which attracts those looking for work, and not for their belief. Matthew Guba was one who did not believe in the man-Christ doctrine of the INC but he stayed on for financial support and education. He was to sell house and lot and then have commissions for school fees. Saying it was a dangerous thing to do, he planned to leave when he could already have studied and have a job.

Every July 27 of every year now is an Iglesia ni Cristo holiday. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who was also endorsed by the INC in the 2004 elections signed it into law. Marichu Villanueva of Philippine Star wrote that Arroyo admitted having asked the support of the INC for the 2004 elections but denies that there was a pay-off.

Following that, Commonwealth Avenue, the longest running street where four big Catholic churches stand, threatened to sport an INC address where Eraño Manalo Avenue would be the new name. This is by virtue of seven politicians who authored House Bill 6785which action surprised many.  Delon Porcalla, writing for Philippine Star in October 13, 2009 named them as  Reps. Candido P. Pancrudo, Jr (Bukidnon), Diosdado “Dato” M. Arroyo (Camarines Sur), Pedro P. Romualdo (Camiguin), Yevgeny Vicente B. Emano (Misamis Oriental), Jose S. Aquino II (Agusan del Norte), Antonio F. Lagdameo Jr (Davao del Norte), and Rommel C. Amatong (Compostela Valley).  It was only a bill, however, that remained a bill. It was not acted upon.

Next, Rodante D. Marcoleta of Alagad Party List, also a member of the INC, authored HB01323, an act renaming the Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City into Eraño G. Manalo Avenue.  Status? It is pending with the Committee on Public Works and Highways since August 2, 2010.

After all of these efforts failed, Wikipedia accounts show that the Quezon City government renamed what was Central Avenue to Eraño G. Manalo Avenue under Ordinance number SP-1961 S-2009 of the Quezon City Council.  Chito A. Chavez, an INC reporter of Manila Bulletin was quoted as source, who in turn mentioned Ariel Inton as allegedly sponsoring such ordinance. Comelec records show that Antonio “Ariel” Inton Jr. ran for Mayor of Quezon City as Independent some six months before this but lost.

Julie M. Aurelio of Philippine Daily Inquirer also wrote of such proposal on September 4, 2009, also naming Councilor Ariel Inton as proponent of the new street name a few days after Eraño Manalo died.

Although Chito Chavez had reported in 2009 that there was one ordinance approved, a check with Quezon City Ordinances of 2009 reflected no such street naming by Councilor Inton but that he had been vocal about the proposal to some media men, particularly to Chito Chavez. Moreover, the ordinance mentioned by Chito Chavez  in his Manila Bulletin report and picked up by many including Wikipedia and propagated as truth does not bear the name Manalo but that of a manufacturing corporation.

In the records of the Quezon City Council, 17th City Council, Ordinance number SP-1961 S-2009 is about granting authority to Hermano Oil to operate a market and the author is Eden Candy A. Medina. And yet the report of Chito Chavez of an approved ordinance has been repeated as gospel truth.


Neither do Quezon City Council Ordinances of 2008 or 2010 reflect of an approved ordinance naming a street to Eraño Manalo nor to Felix Manalo despite efforts of some politicians.

The report of Delon Porcalla said there was the previous effort of the Quezon City Councilors to name Central Avenue to INC founding bishop Felix Manalo, Eraño’s father. However, Novaliches Bishop Antonio Tobias sent a letter of protest to Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, who heads the city council, the same report said.

The fight is not over yet for a Manalo Avenue to become a reality among politicians. In February 2010, Lorelei V. Castillo in a press release for the Lower House wrote that Del R. De Guzman sought the early passage of House Bill 7102 that seeks to change the name E. Rodriguez Street from Barangay Concepcion Uno and Barangay Sto. Niño in Marikina City to Eraño G. Manalo Avenue. A few months before this, De Guzman was eyeing the office of the Mayor. He assumed office as Mayor on June 30, 2010, having won the latest election. De Guzman was a Representative of the Lower House before he ran for mayor.

If all these efforts at street-renaming for the INC Manalo’s are happening in Metro-Manila and the suburbs, it is also happening in Mindanao where people are more vocal in protesting against new street names.

Nicole J. Managbanag of SunStar Cagayan de Oro wrote on July 11, 2012 about a Councilor Alvin Calingin who authored three resolutions declaring July 27, 2012 and every year thereafter as INC Day in Cagayan de Oro City, renaming the Montalvan St. as “Felix Y. Manalo St.” in honor of the founder of INC; and naming the road from the junction of Concordio Diel St. and Villarin St. in Barangay Carmen to the landfill in upper Dagong up to the boundary of Barangay Canitoan as “Eraño V. Manalo St.” in honor of INC’s former executive minister.

Two days after, on July 13, 2012, Cong Corrales of, the online news portal of TV5, wrote about the chaos the Calingin resolutions produced. The Montalvan families who vowed to fight for the honor of their grandfather were backed up by historians and long-time residents. Bangon Kagay-anon vowed to fight these resolutions too.

Montalvan Street that Councilor Alvin Calingin wanted changed to Felix Y. Manalo St. stood in honor of Dr. Antonio Montalvan who had brothers Jesus, and Jose, who also fought the Japanese during World War II.

Corrales reported that the eldest brother Jesus served as intelligence officer in the guerrilla unit lead by Col. Wendell Fertig while Jose served as camp commander of the Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group, what is now Camp Edilberto Evangelista, headquarters of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division.

Dr. Antonio Montalvan, for his part, was an intelligence officer captured by the Japanese and was beheaded with other captured guerillas at the Chinese Cemetery in Tayabas, Quezon. A monument honoring them still stands at the North Cemetery, the report said.

In reacting, Councilor Calingin said that city streets get renamed often, but this did not sit well with the local residents. They called the Calingin resolutions a political stunt ahead of the 2013 elections, the report said.

The Montalvans, among them a historian named Antonio II, pointed out that it is only the National Historical Commission that is authorized by Republic Act 10066, or the National Cultural Heritage Act to approve the renaming of streets.

You would think that renaming streets after one Manalo is stupid, but here’s one that surpasses it all. One hundred twenty-five years after the death of Felix Y. Manalo, here comes a Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri with a Senate Resolution 471 to honor the dead. The Resolution ended this way: “Be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that the Senate of the Philippines remember the 125th birth anniversary on May 10, 2011 of Ka Felix Manalo, founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Adopted.” Whereas in the true CHURCH, the dead are believed to be dead, resting, and beyond man’s reach. More so honoring one after 125 years buried in one’s part of the earth, whose remains cannot hear any, is a manifestation of stupidity and ignorance in Biblical teachings.

After the Lower House, by virtue of their enterprising representatives, the Senate is involved too?

This is how far we are afraid of them. This is how far we have been taken in by the Iglesia ni Cristo.

The police are ours; the mayor is ours; the fiscal is ours. So now, where will you go? Thus bragged in a blogger belonging to this group where the leader only has to intervene in any deadlock in the affairs of the Senate and the House. And presto, the problem is solved!

Did not Juan Ponce Enrile warn of church groups meddling in the affairs of the senate lately? Did not Francis Pangilinan give up his interest in running as Senate President, claiming that the Iglesia ni Cristo is blocking his efforts? Was not the Rose Barrameda case being followed up by the the Iglesia ni Cristo?

Where did they get their guts to be doing all these interventions? From people who succumbed to their bloc voting or command votes practice. Of course! There is an exchange involved in the process – and what an exchange!

“The Iglesia Ni Cristo is a minority church that is always on the wrong side of history. It has a track record of supporting most unholy causes to pursue certain opportunistic objectives.” This comes from Philip M. Lustre, writing from Manila Standard Today.

The morbid interest of the INC for critical posts in the national government is quite disturbing too and even the high courts of the land are not spared. The Supreme Court has some justices and other people therein known to have been highly recommended by the INC and cannot be said to be free from public perception of being stooges for the INC.

The same is true for the National Bureau of Investigation, and for other offices under the Office of the President. One of these is the Movies, Television, Radio Censors Board (MTRCB) where the INC cries to as its favored valid court every time their beliefs are being scrutinized. At least, that was the experience of Bro. Eli Soriano. Maria Consoliza Laguardia used to hold her fort as head censor of the MTRCB and decides matters upon the behest of the INC.

Not everyone is cowered by the INC influence, however. An enterprising young lawyer found that unconstitutional powers are being interpreted as vested in the MTRCB. James Benedict Panopio, in his analysis of the MTRCB rulings on suspension of the Ang Dating Daan (ADD) programs on TV said the INC should seek redress in the courts instead of the MTRCB. It is not a secret that litigations are highly the interest of the INC where they try to influence results, one of which is the Barrameda case, he said.

Purple S. Romero of Newsbreak took note that Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr. of the Supreme Court is publicly known to have been highly recommended by the INC. Marites Vitug, in her book, Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court, gave the same observation. For three days after the publication of her book, Vitug was receiving death threats on her mobile phone, Melissa Rodgers who wrote about courageous women journalists reported.  The threats stopped only after the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) wrote the President which contents were picked up by the local press. As a result of death threats, nowadays Newsbreak is more careful. It would scantily name reporters of reports.

And Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr? He was the ponente or decision writer or justice in charge of the case in the Supreme Court sustaining suspension of Ang Dating Daan upon the complaint of the Iglesia ni Cristo. “Political considerations may have come into play in the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the suspension of the religious group Ang Dating Daan’s TV program according to court insiders we talked to,” said Newsbreak reporters. In earlier reports, Newsbreak through Romero surmised that the ruling of the Supreme Court was to please the Iglesia ni Cristo. It was not exactly a legal reason, the report said. The report is interesting in that the dissenting justices pointed to suppression of the freedom of speech in their decision.

And Justice Velasco? Of all people, why did he not inhibit himself from the case, considering his links with the Iglesia ni Cristo? With just their endorsement, the message is clear: they expected someone to exchange favor with. And as venial as one can be, if your ambition is lying in wait for an invitation, you can be used and finally play the willing tool. But it takes two to tango.

The country is being sold to the dogs if decisions are only made to please the wiles of some people. Departures from just decisions ensure that those who disagree with one’s group are muffled to the core. A case in point is Bro. Eliseo Soriano who up to the Highest Court doesn’t seem to have hope for justice.

Justice is not reserved only for those who can dictate on voting because in the first place such kind of voting rapes the freedom to screen the candidate for his true worth. On the part of the candidate, he is missing the chance to be evaluated properly by individual voters. All in all, the set-up is virtually a demonic exchange for something that would make one’s country and countrymen suffer later on in many forms.

The candidate-winner won’t be able to feel the consequences, of course, being now ensconced in high places of personal comfort. Meanwhile people suffer first from injustice, now that the country is becoming divided into INC interests and non-INC interests.

Why so? Politicians curry their favor, even crafting resolutions such as gifting them with holidays, changing the names of important streets to names of INC leaders, chalking up memorandums of agreements. These they do to ensure their political ambitions.

How about media? They repeat what they read as truth, regardless of whether it is an INC propaganda or not. They are afraid to comment and exercise their social responsibilities; instead they help crystallize what social decay has started. As simple as applying compartmentalized justice on the streets, people are divided into who gets kid-gloves treatment and who gets sanctioned. As long as you carry those green-white- and-red stripes of the INC taken from Italian symbols, you are safe, no matter what traffic violation you made. But the traffic syndrome is just a tip of the iceberg. And yet media is quiet.

Why do we allow this?

The sinister spirit has caught up in all forms within the government system.  It has been many years already embedding itself, and because we are afraid of numbers, it will remain that way.

Conrado de Quiros of Philippine Daily Inquirer could only ask, why do we allow this?  Yet no one of us is responding. The numbers game – no matter how fake – has muffled our voices.

What next do we give to the Iglesia ni Cristo? The whole country?



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  1. Incm… Using power only to oppress peoplè who are against their church and not practicing the sound doctrines of Christ as what is written in the bible…

  2. Bloc Voting? Remember they endorsed Party List “ALAGAD”?? During 2007 elections and they got only 423, 165 votes while on 2010 election ALAGAD party list got only 207, 708 votes! How come that the INC has the guts to endorse a President and will surely win?! Haven’t heard a Party list who got a 5 Million solid votes!

  3. What excuses are they going to say? If the INC has that so called “unity” or “kaisahan sa pagboto” then therefore they must show up! stand firm with their claim that they are millions! For example if they claim that they have that membership of almost 3 to 4 Million then it must be proven by the number of votes they will gain in their supported Party list. If not, where is their “Kaisahan sa pagboto”?! Aww

    1. Debate nlng tyo brad…mukhang bobo ka sa biblya and you really don’t know what are you talking.. Hindi nmn 1 partylist LNG any binoboto ng INC every elections e. Depende yan sa district na need to do some research for you to find out.. Lastly, do you think walang million na kaanib ang iglesia? Haha.. Bulag ka ba??? O nag bubulag bulagan? Sino bang relihiyon ngyon ang pumupuno ng mga lansangan kapag may mga event any iglesia? Ex. Ung sa quiapo na nsa 2 million and estimated na lumahok, yung sa laur nueva ecija na 4 million and estimated na lumahok, yungbsa world wide walk na halos do an makausad ang mga sasakyan dhil sa occupied na ang main road ng roxas blvd. At marami pang iba… Hintayin no hundred years anniversary ng INC, bka sa dami do ka makita.he he.

      1. nuon pa hinahamon ni brod eli ang mga lider niyo sa debate, sadly, di ata kayo kayang ipagtanggol kay kung anu ano sinasabi para di matuloy..lahat po ng nakasulat dito ay well-researched, nabasa mo ba talaga? baka miyembro ng INC ang dapat magresearch tungkol sa iglesiang kinabibilangan nila..di naman lahat ng nasa event niyo eh miyembro niyo..tama, d na makausad mga sasakyan, so aside from di naman lahat miyembro, istorbo pa sa routine ng ibang tao..lider niyo nga mismo aminado na pinepeke ng mga manggagawa ang mga ulat ng member count niyo..research ka din tol tungkol sa INC..natural lang maging defensive, pero sana yung dinedefend mo yung kaya din kayo idefend sa paraan ng bibliya, hindi sa karahasan, sa panlalait sa broadcast, at sa paninira..pagpalain ka nawa ng Dios.

      2. Clint Cipriano, Ordinaryong miyembro ka ba sa INC o Manggagawa o Ministro. Kasi bawal po magbasa ng biblia sa inyo ang ordinaryong miyembro. At isa pa di naman dami ang batayan ng pagiging sa-Dios ng isang samahan. At sana ISAKISAK mo sa kokote mo na mas mayaman parin at mas marami parin ang KATOLIKO kaysa sa inyo. Kaya kung paramihan ng miyembro at payamanan ang batayan ninyo ng pagiging totoo eh sad to say katiting lang kayo sa mga KATOLIKO. 🙂 Kung ako sa iyo kausapin mo si Eduardo Manalo para humarap na kay Bro. Eli Soriano sa isang maginoong debate na noon pang panahon ni Eraño Manalo eh di rin humarap.

      3. Clint Cipriano, hindi ako bulag para makitang bumaba sa sasakyan yung karamihan ng pasahero dahil sa trapik na ghinawa nyo. Kaya tuloy nagmukhang sobrang dami yung tao dun. Haha kasi pinagtrapik nyo, nagsibaba tuloy mga pasahero at piniling lumakad na lang dahil nga NAKABARA kayo sa kalsada. 🙂

      4. Excuse me, nag aaya lang kayo ng mga bisita, dyan kayo magaling, I can Prove it, I’ve been their, 😛

      5. Wag ikaw ang makipagdebate, ilbas mo yang Ministro mo!
        bakit kayong mga myembro ang nakikipagdebate, wala bang bibig yan pinagmamalaki nyong ministro? Or let say na hindi lang nya kayo kayang ipagtanggol na gaya ng ginagawa ni Kapatid na Eliseo Soraino, na kayang ipaglaban ang tam, ang totoo na naaayon sa Turo at utos ng Biblia????

        try to think about it Bro, niloloko n kayo, pero nagbubulagbulagan parin kayo …….

  4. Hell no! It must be put to an end. I believe that a society blessed with a God-given opportunity to freely exercise faith in God is duty-bound to stand up once and for all to denounce this nefarious almost a century-long political extortion and anointment of incompetent idiots in public offices by the Manalo dynasty. It’s a new form of tyranny and we must do something about it. We’ve been successful with God’s help in our ongoing “Down with GMA7” campaign that keeps on sending shock waves against this INC’s propaganda network, GMA 7, till now. So, it’s time now to replicate this campaign with a new call to action, “Down with INC’s Bloc-Voting”, to shake things up within Manalo’s sphere of influence.

  5. The many failed candidates by the INC so said bloc-voting only proved to be ridiculous and unreal because by declaring a member of 8M and each have to vote with respect of their leader a false preacher would surely win if and only if they are telling truth, well the history and record as well as the result will speaks for itself.

    It doesn’t exist!
    the 8M members is purely just a plain and a big joke!
    In short it’s all LIES!

  6. We should have learned our lesson, iglesia ni manalo are just bluffing the candidate for election. Their numbers are not real. Open your eyes and show your dignity for not asking support from that group.

  7. as long as the norms of the nation’s damaged culture and system of politics allow the “hypnosis” being done to the gullible politicians by the self-proclaimed pseudoinfluential groups like the one mentioned here, nothing good will truly happen to the nation.

  8. Gago ka Kagawad Calingin ah!
    Imong buot pulihan ang Montalvan St to Manalo Street?
    wa ka nabuang?! gamayng tribute ug honor na lang gani nang ingalan ang dalan sa isa ka tao who gave up his life for his country tapos ang imong ipuli kanang MANGINGILAD NGA IGLESIA NI MANALO?! AY NA MOG LAMLAM DIHANG MGA IGLESIA NI CRISTO KAY KUSOG MO MANGHILABOT SA MGA KATOLIKO PERO WA NINYO TAN AWA INYONG KAUGALINGON NGA MGA UTO2X LANG MO!

  9. Gawain talaga ng Iglesiang yan ang mang-edit ng ulat. Maski dun sa isang blog ng miyembro nila nabasa ko tungkol sa pagsasanggalang sa kasong rape laban kay Felix Manalo, nabasa ko dun na inaamin talaga nila na i-edit nila yung bilang ng mga members nila pag may eleksyon para lapitan sila ng mga pulitiko asking their vote supports. Inamin tlaga nila yan sa blogs nila. Kaya nga di karapat-dapat tawaging Iglesia ni Kristo. Dapat twag ay Iglesia ng Sinungaling.

  10. The Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo is a bad influence in community. It’s proven in history. Una, yang Iglesiang po yan ay mga record ng mga pagpatay sa loob pa mismo ng kapilya nila. Pangalawa, marami pong record yan ng mga pangbubugbog sa mga nakakatalo sa kanila sa debate. Kung di ako nagkakamali may aral sila na ang “Mamatay at pumatay para sa kanilang sugo ay ligtas”. Pangatlo, binabago ang mga ulat para bumango sila sa mga kandidato para magkaroon sa kanila ng utang ng loob ang kandidato para magkaroon sila ng Impluwensya na ginagamit naman sa kasamaan. Pang-apat, nagtuturo ng kamangmangan sa lipunan. Kasi turuan ba namang magsuot ng Evening Dress sa araw at banal na hapunan nila ay sa umaga. Di ko na mabilang mga kasamaan ng Iglesiang yan.

  11. Bloc-voting is an insult to people’s ability to choose responsible leaders based on values they deem most important. This is a blatant strangulation to our right to practice our own wise judgment.

  12. In case you haven’t noticed, kayo-kayo na lang ang gumagawa ng mga issues sa mga sarili ninyo. Mag gu-google ng news tungkol sa INC, then go on whining like a bunch of infants on the comments section. Wala ba kayo mahanap na news tungkol sa leader niyong umeskapo sa Brazil kaya nakiki-trending na lang kayo sa INC? Try niyo kaya pakiusapan ang Inquirer na i-publish naman itong mga pinaghirapan niyong article?

    O ayan ha, hindi na lang kayo-kayo nag co-comment dito. May pumansin na sa inyo.

    You’re welcome. =D

    1. Nom De Guerre, poor loser! You have not answered a single issue here. Shall we read that as acceptance? Instead you attack someone with an accusation that is not at all the topic here.

      Whining? Pardon me, but you don’t see yourself doing it before us!

    2. Kung ikaw lang ang papansin Nom De Guerre hindi ka welcome. How about your side of story? Kung as early as 1992 ay di na kayo makapanalo ng endorsed candidate nyo dahil di na kayo unified, how much more ngayon?

  13. Hindi namin gawa gawa ang mga issues na ito. Ang katotohanan ay noong 1949 ay ipinagyabang na ng Iglesia ni Kristo (ni manalo) na sila ay 4 na milyon na. Ang pagmamalaking ito ay mababasa sa isang isyu ng kanilang magasing Pasugo. Ang sinuportahan nila noong 1949 Presidential Election ay si Jose Avelino PERO ang nakuhang boto lamang ni Jose Avelino ay 419,890. Ni hindi man lang naka- kalahating milyon samantalang 4 million na raw sila nang panahong iyon.

  14. bakit b pag iglesia ni cristo ang topic galit na galit ang mga tao….? may kanya kanya tayong relihiyon, pero pag inc na laht ng mga critko buhay na buhay,,,anu bang meron sa inc? bka naman pwdng ibang relihiyon naman ang pag usapan bka need nila ng konting pansin,,nanyan ang muslim, katoliko, protestante, etc….

    1. dane, wala naman po Muslim o Katotoliko o Protestante gumagawa ng ginagawa ng Iglesia ni Cristo eh! Yong influence peddling, nagmamanok sa mga Justice sa korte, nag-fafollow up ng kaso, bloc-voting na sapilitan, INC lang po ang gumagawa ng ganyan. Pagkatapos po ng election, ayan na, gagawin ka nilang kamay. Gawin mo na ang gusto nila dahil nga may utang ka daw!

    2. Dane na di kaano kaano ni Claire, bakit di mo kaya sagutin tanong mo? sana maisip mo na yung ibang religion na binanggit mo ay di nagka-campaign ng “bloc voting”. In short, INC lang ang nagbebenta ng kanilang members.

  15. ang dmi nyong cnsv patunayn nyo muna qng nagbebenta ng boto ang inc qng may mpptunyan kyo ni isang pulitiko nga na snportahan ng inc khit cnu man dun sa knila walng tinangap ang inc khit cingko yan ang ttandaan nyo kya qng my susuportahan man kming pulitiko un ay dhil sa par respeto nlng sa election at respeto sa doktrina ng inc na MAY IISANG PAG IISIP AT IISANG PAG HATOL sana po maintindihan nyo

  16. hahahahaha mga panatikong pulpol na miembro ng iglesia ni Cain, yung sugo nyong manyakis napatunayan sa hukuman ng Pilipinas na rapist. Tapos sa sobrang lakas nyo sa gobyerno ni GMA na magic nyo yung ebidensya at naglaho sa national archive. Magkita-kita na lang kayo ni Satanas sa darating. Dami nyong inutang na buhay tapos sa Dios kayo, ang KAKAPAL nyo.

  17. bloc-voting para makahingi ng pabor sa mapapanalo nilang kandidato..buti sana kung ikabubuti yun mga hinihinging pabor ng grupong yan, kaso puro para sa sarili nilang kapanibangan..tsk..

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