Where’s the House of Truth? Boycott GMA7 NewsTV11 Sustained to 2012

UPDATE (8/24/2012): While people ignore Ang Dating Daan’s sustained boycott over these stations going over a year already, the handwriting is on the wall: GMA’s revenues are going down, down. More yet, nobody wants to buy it although the network keeps saying it is for sale. On the other hand, some 32,000 boycotters keep at it, deleting channels 7 and 11 from their TV viewing list. What is true is that the TV stations have painted Ang Dating Daan as an organization and Bro. Eli Soriano in bad light. However, there was no attempt to apologize. We continue with our boycott to show to the public that it is not fair to malign anyone who has integrity and character in the process of doing one’s supposed media work.  After all, between these TV stations and Bro. Eli, who is closest to the House of Truth that is in the Father of Truth? It is TruthCaster!  It is Bro. Eli! He doesn’t peddle lies just for ratings! So, here we go –

ABOUT the Boycott Page in Facebook –


Verb: Withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.

Noun: A punitive ban that forbids relations with other bodies, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.

We boycott GMA7 News TV 11 news for –

1) Ignorance.  In handling information that they pass to the public through Case Unclosed re rape case filed by one Daniel Puto Veridiano against Bro. Eli, no attempt was made to do required research in such a sensitive case. Connecting the accused and the accuser is a lot of information about rapes committed by Daniel Veridiano but these were ignored. Connecting the accused and the accuser is excommunication done in the church, but no attempt was done to verify events pointing to the non-credibility of the accuser Veridiano against his previous benefactor. More yet, connecting the accused and the accuser is the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) where Veridiano went to after he was excommunicated from Ang Dating Daan. The INC has openly been after the skin of Bro. Eli Soriano which the latter exposes for their deceptions. The INC has often filed case after case against Bro. Eli. If the dissenting judges were able to see these connections, more so should responsible journalists. These connections were all ignored by this so-called media outfit that is supposed to be socially-responsible in handling news.

2) Pursuing its personal agenda. What about social responsibility? In June 18, 2009, when GMA first presented Case Unclosed by Arnold Clavio, the network was chided with a 1st boycott from Ang Dating Daan. They were told, it was unfair, biased, and clearly without research. Arnold Clavio and company could have easily asked about the background of the person they were representing. While Accuser Veridiano admitted to sexually abusing 9 of his subordinates, 14 were complaining. Yet, more than two years after, on August 3, 2011 QTV11 owned by GMA replayed the program during a noon time show. GMA preferred to present the bad seed in good light, ignoring looking into the side of Bro. Eli Soriano who has adopted millions of marginalized Filipinos, teaching them how to live properly and not be liabilities to the country. If GMA is more serious in its endeavor, it could have recognized Bro. Eli as a true National Treasure instead of insulting him by siding with the bad.

3) Slumbering in its comfort zone. In the belief that GMA news is using Bro. Eli Soriano for personal motives despite their claim as being House of Truth (Tahanan ng Katotohanan), this media outfit deserves to be kicked conscious of its slumber from its comfort zone to truly serve the public – without siding with anyone. Whatever influence GMA news suffers from, it is its look out not to be used by anyone, whoever they are.

This August 2011 begins again our SECOND boycott on GMA News. We have deleted Channels 7 and 11 from our programs. We will continue to post #boycottgmanews in our tweets. We will not patronize this network UNTIL it gives a PUBLIC APOLOGY to Bro. Eli Soriano and the Ang Dating Daan organization for what it did. Or accept the challenge of a debate. If it cannot stand for a debate, then arrange a forum for a televised debate with the Iglesia ni Cristo which it has represented. He who is telling lies shall be exposed. Until then, may the boycott be sustained.

This page will remain and may it continue to gather adherents to the cause.

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Author: kotawinters

After the path of truth wherever it leads me.

11 thoughts on “Where’s the House of Truth? Boycott GMA7 NewsTV11 Sustained to 2012”

  1. For more than a year, am not watching any programs of GMA 7 and 11 and this doesn’t harm me. Instead, I discovered more avenues that offer respectable services and reporting very far from what GMA has. As long as GMA network never learns its lesson, no regrets, boycott is sustained!

  2. sana po mga kasama ipaalam natin sa lahat na mananatili ang ating boycott kahit sino pa ang bumili para po matakot sila na bilhin ang istasyon upang sa gayon ay magkaron ng katuparan ang ating layon ng pagboboycott.

  3. Same with Jeffrey, our entire family has tuned off GMA 7 due to the lost credibility because of the disinformation they spread on air.

  4. The boycott happened while I’m thousands of miles away from my country. Reading about the heinous journalistic act did not stop me from frowning at GMA 7 from afar, sporting a picbadge and campaigning for the boycott. I’ve never been a fan of biased media at work, and I believe that for the Philippines to have progress, we must eradicate such kind of journalism. This boycott is educating the Filipino people that we should not allow such kind of a network to think that we as a nation are dumb enough to fall for such tricks.

  5. I happened to watch GMA7 thru TFC channel in my in-laws’ house, for reasons of ethics, I did not touch the remote, for I was just a guest in their house.

    One thing that did not leave my attention was the content of their programming – it was cheap, cheap in a way that it won’t enrich your mind.

    Even though their productions are well budgeted, the essence of their prime time shows are not worth spending time to. Even their news are dragging. They call it prime time? I call it inferior time.

    This network’s management should learn of what is true, ethical and legal in their industry. What’s the use of maximizing profit if your business is a detriment to the public?

  6. nakikiiisa po kami d2 sa saudi arabia at ang ibang pang ksama mga oversees worker abroad boycott gma 7 !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i really hate people who can’t stand with his own principle, who are afraid of influential organizations who can dictate him what they want.that’s why i hate GMA7 and its management.they are afraid of Iglesia Ni Cristo..Lets continue with the boycott..

  8. I have never been a fan of GMA7, and their unfair acts against Brother Eli just made me hate their network’s principles even more. They have resorted to corrupt methods of making money. They allow themselves to be used for financial gain and power, but instead, they are just proving how low-life they could be. They may ignore the boycott now, but in time, it will soon affect them. I just hope they straighten up and do what’s right before it becomes too late.

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