Warning: More Hateblogs Against Bro. Eli Soriano

Just like other blogs from the Iglesia ni Cristo, the group that is most resentful of the corrections of the preacher, here are more videos that repeat those already from the Ka Webspy Network and speak against Bro. Eliseo Soriano

Ka Webspy is Sustines E. Laplana from the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Here’s the catch:

The intro video pretends to be a joke in order to qualify for the comedy site. Hence, it was able to be posted in smashits.com where one would expect comedies. It is actually a trap.

Titled, “Stop videotaping Geoff,” the author is Geoffisteh1337 . A nonsensical video, it shows a guy simply walking and saying stop. And then follows the poison.

The poison? Nine videos against the preacher.  No comedy but twisting of what the preacher said and did.

As publicly known, Bro. Soriano is fair game to the Iglesia ni Cristo. They enjoy tearing him apart. On TV, they use Net25 where they imitate the preacher’s program but use it against him. It is parallel to the style of their bloggers using Soriano’s name against Soriano.

First, and foremost, they blame him for the fast deteriorating of their numbers. The preacher would be playing the tapes from Eraño Manalo, the Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo, that are so full of errors if the bible is the basis. Here they are, in addition to those already posted. Note the hatred and envy carried in the terms used.

1)      KOMIKS: Eli Soriano SCANDAL – Komiks

2)      ELI SORIANO: Kapantasan ni Eli Soriano

3)      Eli Soriano PANTAS sa EARTHLY KNOWLEDGE?

4)      Hebrew Aphabet ni Josel Mallari at Eli Soriano

5)      ELI SORIANO: Ang Dios ni Eli Soriano

6)      MTV ni Eli Soriano – MTV

7)      Eliseo Eli Soriano VS. Luz Cruz – Pagtatatak

8)      Sino NANGOPYA, Eli Soriano o SAKSI ni JEHOVA?

9)      ELI SORIANO – P500,000 PANLAGAY ni Eliseo Soriano

Actually, these have appeared in earlier sites but their game is replication in as many sites as possible – as if that would convince people to their side.

The persistent multiplication of these blogs may indicate that their attempt to embarrass Bro.  Soriano using the Interpol has failed.

The preacher’s bio appears in the Interpol Wanted Persons’ section for alleged “sex crimes” based on a rape charge. The complainant and supposed victim of the preacher is Daniel Veridiano whom Soriano had excommunicated upon recommendation of an investigating panel in the Members Church of God International (MCGI) where the preacher is Presiding Minister.

Veridiano was found guilty of raping some 14 of his subordinates and using church money for personal purposes. The confession letter at the left written in Tagalog can be visibly read here: